iamPOWERED Project | Week No. One Complete

Somehow, some way, some of us get really lucky. We have opportunities to make connections with people who seemingly always have others' best interests at heart. One of these people happens to be Josh Holland. I met him just shy of two years ago through a mutual client, Technogym, where he serves at the brand ambassador. Aka, Technogym, this luxe gym company, knows the value of having someone of his caliber on their team. Well guess what? This company played their cards right because he's the kind of person that after just a few times of being in his presence (or being trained by him), you quickly know that this is a person you'd like to be friends with. 

Anyways, without totally rambling, I had been training with him for quite some time, just up until my race back in May. And yes, as we are all aware by this point, my hip broke and had me sitting the sideline the majority of summer, doing (essentially) zero physical activity. Talk about a shot to the heart and a major shift in endorphins. 

Needless to say: I was devastated. A girl who spent days doing high intensity interval training, boot camps, spin classes, running... the works. 

And all of that said, it should be pretty obvious that I had worked quite hard to develop my body into something I was quite proud of, which happened over the course of many vigorous sweat sessions. My muscle definition was in check (not the easiest to obtain a toned arm - sadly!), my endurance was stronger than before and my eating habits were quite clean.

^ This version of me, this version, was a good version. 

Well guys, for a while I felt as if I had lost that person. Just recently, I started to train again. I started doing Barre3 classes to really strengthen the pivotal muscles I had been working on in physical therapy and spinning again for my cardio push.

But, something was missing and honestly, it wasn't the easiest to pinpoint. I felt as if I hadn't gotten the total drive back that I had previously had. It was hard to not see the results I once worked for so hard coming back as quickly as I had wanted and wished.

In walks Josh, with the much needed program I needed: a program he created called the iamPOWERED Project

It's a group focused on, what I like to say, wellness. Nope. Not getting skinny, not some sort of gimicky plan to get you jacked in a short period of time. Rather, it's a four week program to enhance the quality of your life. Wellness is composed of a lifestyle that's led. It's comprised of many components. 

AND, Yes this does include things like weight management, muscle quality, focus on proper consumption of micronutrients and building a foundation that supports our 'animalistic' nature (sounds weird - but it's true). 

So what did I accomplish in week one? 

  • Ability to do a 3 minute (rotating) plank every single day - it's not easy, you guys.
  • Completely cut out: all dairy products as part of a two week experiment. 
  • Awareness: of muscle fatigue. 
  • Awareness: of every single thing that entered my body. I forgot how much I love focusing on this. Our bodies deserved to be fueled properly. They're what we've got to serve us for the rest of our lives. Ever think about that? 
  • Making new connections with similar minded people with similar end-games in mind.
  • Re-setting: goals for my physical appearance.
  • Respect for Josh Holland: a true gentleman and guy who goes above and beyond for the people he cares about. Why? Because his passion to serve and make others stronger is next level

Look forward to keeping you guys in the loop. With one week down, I can honestly say, I feel noticeably different. And I can honestly say, I feel so inspired by the path I feel myself going down right now. 

Part of this week's challenge? A 5 minute plank series. Updates to come... #strongerthanyesterday

PS - thanks Josh for including me in such an inspiring group. Blessed to know you. x


Sweat Series


If there is one thing I live for, it's the rush that's gained from pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. It's something I've been coached to do and learned to love. 

It's a moment when you become present with yourself and the beauty of your body. 

Working in public relations, I've quickly learned the key to success. Ready? It's all about the angle. When pitching an idea, client or story, you'll get nowhere fast if you don't have a strong angle; a sensical yet slightly exaggerated point of view to get the journalist excited. Who's writing about cornflakes these days? Nobody.

Spoiler alert: it's a mind game.  The angle you create becomes reflective of perspective. Your perspective directly correlates to your progression or regression - mentally + physically

{ AKA } This can be positive. This can be negative.  

I could lie to you right now and tell you that the past few days have been full of rainbows and butterflies but - they haven't. They've actually been hard as hell. As many of you are aware, my hip is broken. And while I have remained positive throughout most of this ongoing experience, it's been exhausting. The beginning of this recovery process has been draining; physically, as you can imagine, but also emotionally. I miss my active lifestyle. The sweat seeking adventures with my fitfam.

What's positive?

For the past days, I have tried to do this crazy thing in search of the 'silver lining' - hoping to see the positive. I did. As many of you are aware, you were my silver lining in dark moments - I hope you know that. You were the strong ones inspiring me to be stronger; the bold ones pushing me to be braver. And in a way, you always have been and I have always known that - yet, this was affirmation. That's a lot of love. That's positive. {{x}}

What's negative? 

Every morning I get up wishing I could jog to the gym. I actually miss setting my alarm for a 5am wake up and sweat it out with my coach and community of people all in it for the same high - yes, I miss that. It's not fun being on crutches and it's certainly not fun lacking the endorphins I used to feed off of. So what's negative? A major component of my life here is missing. That's negative. 

Where is this going? I've created this time capsule for the blood, sweat and mainly cheers that compartmentalize my life - the fitness space being one of them. This will be a page document some of my wellness routine - including nutrition bits and future fitness endeavors. At the end of the day, it really is a lifestyle - and one I live for in the pursuit of a greater sense of well-being. 

New perspective 2.0: I will finish the New York City Marathon before 30. Training starts now - time to become my best self and strongest self with my present self. 

Follow along. #betterforit