Currently feeling a mix of exhaustion, inspiration and everything in between.

After only being back in the states for just over 24 hours, I can't even begin to sort through all of the feels Australia had to offer last week. 

I plan to write a few posts and share so many pictures with you (prepare yourself; prepare your eyes) because the countryside, and city of Melbourne, are just too damn pretty to not share. 

So - yes - the trip. 

Conveniently timed? I'm thinking so. 

You know when you're feeling totally burnt out? Like you're fully loving all that's happening in your life, yet somehow, someway still are finding yourself uninspired at the same time? When you become so accustomed to your monogamous relationship with the city shuffle, that continues to spin ferociously, repetitiously, that you kind of just go through the motions and don't look up? When you begin to forget what it's like to breathe...?

When you're in need of something, anything, to get yourself pointed back in the right direction?

That's what this trip did for me in a very short (honestly, too short) period of time. It got me back on  track.

I desperately needed the time away. Albeit not relaxing by any means, it helped bring me back to life again; it helped me see things slightly more clearly again; it reminded me to take a breathe every now and again.  

Can't wait to delve into all of this more in the coming days, weeks, etc. as I feel out the best way to share what life looks like in the mystical land of Oz.

me | 25 | @ Brae Restaurant | Victoria, Australia

me | 25 | @ Brae Restaurant | Victoria, Australia