Audrey came to town this past weekend. I literally can't even tell you how much I luv'd every second. But, come on. You know I am at least going to try. 

What's interesting? There wasn't one hiccup. Not one. I know. 

This scene though? Ever-so-dominant playground for Instagram.

This scene though? Ever-so-dominant playground for Instagram.

Sister landed early Friday morning, with just enough time to get coffee + museli with me from Epicurie at The Plaza before the work day started. We sat outside and briefly chatted about our expectations for the weekend including food goals (obviously) and all of the people we wanted to see. I wish more of my mornings started with her sipping coffee by my side. 




That evening, we made our way to the McCarren Hotel in Williamsburg for a pool party event co-hosted by one of the best in the biz, Zach Weiss, that really, well turned up quite quickly. The place mastered the insta-genic vibes with a concrete wall painted in bold and bright colors that made any #instagoals sheer perfection. We stayed for some time. And naturally, drank with the (spiked) Kool-aid. 

Finished the night with a few of my bests at Brinkleys over wine, Ritz Crackers (but, actually) and well, dollar slices for dinner.

See New York? You can be economical sometimes! Who knew. 

Started #saturdaystrong with Barry's Bootcamp, and Vanessa, by my side holding me accountable (especially to my push-up game) throughout the class. It's incredible the friendships that spawn over mutual feels to feel stronger. 

Not long after, Aud and I headed to Narcissa, at The Standard East Village, to crush the brunch game in their outdoor garden space. Highly recommend. It's a magical (and even, quiet) escape from the typical outdoor eating scene. We dabbled with the French Toast bites to start... and my egg white omelette stuffed with spinach and mushrooms, drizzled with a pesto on top didn't disappoint either. Add it to your list of spots to go this summer. 

Our afternoon was spent walking. 

Our afternoon was also spent poolside at The Jimmy at The James Hotel in Soho. Another place, you've just got to go. The sunshine, the rosΓ© (basic) and the views of the city, all while being with family sparked some serious joy... and a whole lot of laughter provided by Victoria.

That evening we met up with our cousins for a dinner at DBGB for a most-necessary catching up session - outdoors. After all, this is the city that truly comes alive the second the retractable glass walls are opened up and the patio furniture is brought outdoors. 

Notable: The (small) eggplant app. It's definitely not one for the hungry, but the grilled flavors hit some savory notes. 

And we ended the night at Tiki Tabu above Sixty LES; drinks in hand with a full squad assembled.

Guys: Add this place to your casual but rooftop hit list for summer. Trust me on this one. 

IMG_0505 (1).jpg

Sunday? While Aud caught up on beauty sleep, I did Soul Survivor in Soho to get the metabolism kicked in prior to our brunch reso at Rubirosa. will forever be the only thing I can order from that place. 

Spent the afternoon at Blue Ribbon Beer Garden (again, #rooftopping) with some lovely humans before walking around (forever walking) Washington Square Park and Nolita just a bit more. 

We ended our evening at Frank; I couldn't think of a better place to end our weekend but with a plate of homemade gnocchi with fresh sauce before our faces, burrata to feed an army and well, enough wine for certainly more than two ladies (that still was totally consumed, regardless). We sat outside, on Second Ave, for hours, never taking a breather from all of the chatting. 

She's a real beauty, this one. 

She's a real beauty, this one. 

We also had a server who made the experience that much more memorable i.e. all of wine, after dinner drinks and homemade pana cotta a girl could dream of.... 


I went to bed wishing the weekend didn't have to end. 


The life of being a New Yorker - itwell, it makes you a little jaded, sometimes. Then you have a visitor - family or not - around and you start to see the street corners with intricate art once again; the sunlight washing through a back alley that you forgot can be magical; the moments that begin to get lost when you've been walking these streets for five years and start to stop (make sense?) looking up. It happens.

Thanks for opening my eyes to this home I so love in the summer, Aud.

And of course, thanks for being my wing woman (and sister who is forever stuck with me...!) in crushing the most perfect weekend.

Next up? Looking up how to repeat this ( ^ ) as soon as possible.