Can aging actually be great? 

Despite what we are taught to think about aging (thank you, society) , we tend to lose site of all of the things, or details have you, that make up those 365 days that filled the previous year of life; those days full of packed social calendars, crazy sweat schedules, travel tales + travails (to places near and far) and obviously all of the time spent with so many of those who make the heart beat just a little bit faster. 

Every year I feel more excited to tackle the next, because of the greatness of the last.

A birthday means you have a whole new year of days to fill with time you'll never get back. Holy sh*t that's exciting.

Every year I feel more enticed to take on new opportunity; more excited to make new friendships and continue to foster the old; more grateful for all of the highlights, but maybe, more importantly, more keen on learning to have an appreciation for the low ones too.

These were gains in year 25, which leads me to this to paint a clear picture of an often over-looked outlook:

My friend wrote in her card to me, that she hopes 26 will bring along many wonderful times, but also some not-so-wonderful ones as well. Which really made me think: why would I want the latter of the two?

And then I remembered; the lows are the links to personal development (let's not forget what the beginning of 25 looked like before I started physical therapy and learned to walk again) that bring along a whole external force that causes the body to react in different ways. 

The point being, you're in charge of choosing the most impactful way to react to whatever circumstances dished at you; whether it is something that challenges your mental or your physical or your emotional state.

And then I thought; how great is it, to know the choice, the reaction - largely - is yours to take the reigns with? (thanks Madd ;)

So why don't we pay more attention to these sorts of things? 

In year 25, I realized I have appreciation for the highs and the lows

All of that said in a very long-winded fashion (per usual, that has not changed), I want to call attention to the simple fact that my 26th birth(week) has certainly been my best yet. 

My heart is so full (it actually hurts) thanks to all of you people that are the heroes of my every day - friends + family + the growing group of readers out there - who have gone beyond to make these past days so special. 

Time to do 26. X

PS - A few photos from my week below. Click through!

Friday's Four |

  1. My new recipe (as of… all of this week) - a most delicious matcha chia seed breakfast bowl with coconut milk. Seriously guys, this sh*t is good. I’m a firm believer in straying from recipes… hate rules. So make it yours. 
  2. No, I am not in love. But this little round up of love quotes on R29 is lovely - and for that reason, I feel obliged to share. 
  3. I forgot how much barre actually kicks your butt - tried Barre3 in the West Village this week with my co-worker. Highly recommend. #tight
  4. Do you believe in the green glow? I think it’s true. There is a glow. But there is also, an extremely important component to this. Ready? It’s called balance. 

BIIIIG weekend on the horizon; girls night out at Cafe Clover this evening, followed by some insane 2-5 birthday celebrations for Claire at The Mark and Gilded Lily (and obv a blow out to make sure the locks are in proper order) and of course, brunch plans at The Fat Radish come Sunday with my best. 

Stay warm. Bundle up. And more importantly, enjoy your 48 hours of freedom.

Year 24... | Days Fly By

Due to time, lack of it and still testing out this new “year” that just got added on, I’ve decided to hold out on posting about my birthday until now. So…. here is your daily dose of my aligirl-ness.

24 has been really amazing thus far. 60.some days in and each day has brought about some goodness and greatness… and of course struggles (this isn’t a fairytale… remember?). Let’s relapse to the past year and check out the improvements, etc.

23… Was truly not my year. Well, I take that back, it started great and ended better. But there were definitely some muddled days that were the equivalent of oil and water. Not always the brightest and best. Honestly, it was a year of transition in all facets of my life. Emotionally, physically and figuratively.

It was a year with a mantle over the hearth of fire that hardly could keep the flames down at times. I transitioned jobs three times, and each transition led to something more beneficial and something that sparked a catalyst for continually pushing my comfort zone further. I worked with amazing talent at my two past places of employment and continue to be amazed by all I learn in my new position in public relations.

It’s ironic how I’ve always joked about being a publicist… And here I am, pitching and prying editors for stories at companies such as Vogue and Harpers. Dreamlike? In some ways. In others? Daunting. But I love it. The sense of urgency and the newness that each day brings. There is always something to be absorbing, reading and hearing about. Aka –always something different to learn. Always a challenge to charge through and a boundary to be pushed for press. It’s the way of the industry and the excitement I find in each day.

Because I am an eternal optimist, let’s look at some ++ gains from 23: 

Success number one gained from 23:Building a career here. Keeping past connections. Taking heat from the fire and using it to kill it.

Success number two gained from 23I fell for someone really hard. Why is that a success? I don’t fall for people. That’s always new! “Martillotta’s don’t date”… Is a saying that holds true to this day. Ha? It really does. Anyways, love takes you high but can bring you low. If you’re lucky enough you hope to find yourself in this persons arms again one day, when the time is right.

The heart wants what the heart wants. Simple end to that story.
Learning life is much about timing - and how it’s not always on.  Ours will come later.

Success number three gained from 2-3Change is not always a bad thing. Build from it, don’t back down. I often find most of us are programmed to cower at the thought of things falling out of normal routine. I will admit I become a creature of habit. I love having my special coffee shop routine, Tuesday morning spin and liquiteria, Thursday blog catch up, etc… It’s easy because we know what’s coming. The struggle is adapting to the days when things don’t go as planned. I also learned that those are some of the best days… take them in and shake them. 

Success number 4This is the most simple - but finding my faith again, more strongly. Knowing there is a bigger plan than what meets the eye.

I want 24 to burn with brilliance. To come to fruition full of compassion. I’ve come to find over the past two months, you learn a lot of the most important things when you’re struggling. And the more you keep the flame going, the stronger the fire in the end. It’s an exciting thing; this life. 60.some days of 24 have already passed but there have been so many great ones. Cheers to change, challenge and complete fullness. 24, are ya ready?

22. You've Been Good To Me.

Annnnd here we are again. Another post, another year of life behind me. I will have to say that in all honesty, 22 has brought about the most thrillingly-harsh, raw.gut.wrenchingly-exciting year of my life thus far. How much growing up can occur in 365 days? 8765 hours? Much more than I would have believed possible. 

Hmm… what did didn't I learn? 

Your first year as a real human, really on your own, is not frickin easy. It is challenging. You doubt yourself. (Well I should speak for myself, but I would assume others have felt the same)… but the best part is, if you can make it one year out, you are moving past the grey void. It is only going to get better. I love being on “my own”… I find it very rewarding. Cheers to the way p&s raised us to strive for that feeling.

Working well with others? Yes, this is an essential in the real world. Sometimes you mumble curse words left and right when dealing with people, but it’s life. You have to work with people. My industry lures in pompous individuals who think they are above others. The old me would have snapped back with these types of people (I mean I cant say for sure, but I would think that is how I would react)… however, now I am calm and collected. I’ve learned that this year. You’re going to have clients that genuinely dislike you no matter how accommodating you try to be and how much you try to satisfy their needs. But working well with others, generally speaking, is so important. Personalities vary: personalities clash and personalities mesh… the variation gives the daily work grind that extra element of surprise with a hint of some spice. 

My first job out of college has taught me patience. The amount of transformation that has come to pass in my position and design career has changed so drastically from where I started just shy of a year ago. It actually boggles my mind. To all of us impatient, millennial “” types, take a deep breath. At 22 it is okay if you are happy with what you’re doing and you haven’t made it to Forbe’s list yet. Attack your goals with a passion, but also don’t overlook all the small, bettering changes that occur in 365 days. This has been one of the biggest challenges I have struggled with this past year.

Meeting new people is always great. I have made a few of my closest friends this year. I think my favorite part of meeting new people is the simplicity of knowing nothing about them…. and then getting to learn everything about them. I am the girl who wants to know all details and every.single.secret and story that has made the person he or she is today. I live for that. And I live for continuously strengthening friendships that were formed in years passed. Those are the people I want to get old with.

Blogging this year has really brought me to a different place. Collecting followers now in New York City and throughout the country is such a rewarding feeling and I feel like a very blessed girl to have people so interested by my daily galavants, struggles and successes. (Hopefully 23 will prove to have interesting stories for you as well?!… but seriously, thank you for reading).

What else did I learn? I am a girl that is insanely in love with living in New York City. My soul feels so alive in this city with all of the magnificent challenges it brings and the curveballs thrown left and right. I know that I could not imagine being anywhere else right now. This past year I learned to embrace change and replace the things I needed to let go of.

There is a deliberate notch in the timeline of my life that will make me never forget this 22nd year of life. This is something I will never let go of. 

This year has been so rewarding and given me the greatest gift of all: continuous love and support from family and friends, good health and a fabulous life in the city that only continues to get better (and I don’t even know how that is possible). So cheers to 23 being just as amazing. And for all of my loved ones that continue to read, thanks for always being my rock. XX cheers to 23 & to making new memories in order to keep the old ones alive. Love, AJM

Image via Style Me Pretty.