Life lately - it's been busy.

New York City happens to be just about the most overly-stimulating place known to man. And, I admittedly, happen to fall hard in the trap, if you will, of wanting to do it all. So, all of that on the reg., in addition to preparing for Equinox Pilates Training this December, many weekends spent traveling, an overly-ambitious work situation and well, just being my social-self, you could say my balance is (more than) a bit off kilter. 

But today, I watched the marathon. And for a good portion of it, I watched it alone. And during those moments of being alone (which is a rarity in my life), a few things became clear. I watched totally inspired, and moved by all of the strong ones who crossed that finish line. It was as if some serious sense of peace swept over me. 

Here are the thoughts that I thought. Some obvious. Some - not so much.

I really am a New Yorker. I have a full life here. I've established a life for myself here. The majority of the people I spent the past 72 hours with... happen to all be people I didn't know before planting myself here, on this little island I call home. 

A decision was made. While watching the marathon, I was moved in a big way; especially watching my coach, mentor and some friends crush the course. And I always am moved, but this year I decided I am going to try and run the New York City Marathon in 2018. And while it sounds far out, I want to properly train for this, and I really want to achieve this. While I know there are definite doubters, the believers outweigh it all for me. 

Step one? The first step in accomplishing this goal is going to take place this spring, when I face my fears and tackle the Brooklyn Half; a race that doesn't stand a chance in breaking me now. 

Last thing.

Saturday evening I was out late at a cocktail bar with an old friend of mine, and he asked me before I was leaving, "Are you really happy?", to which I looked at him totally perplexed. 

Then I turned to him and responded, "Yes, happier than I have been in a very long time." 

As I left and walked away, I felt no need for further explanation. My answer was concise, yet a simple truth. And while some days, or some weeks are better than others, the general consensus rings pretty clear. 

The people I spend my days with are serious rockstars; serious sources of inspiration. My weekends lately have been filled with travel; new places. My family has a group text that goes rouge 24/7 as we all keep tabs on one another. My fitness endeavors? They are continuing to grow and take root in new ways.

So, yes. I am happier than I have been in years.

And... I am also happy to be back in this space online; a place that I've missed. Can't wait to catch you up to speed on all of the things that have had me enamored lately. New York is a seriously magical place in the Fall.

THIS WEEKEND | Was So Non-Committal

Fact: I usually have an over-ambitiously-packed weekend planned out by Tuesday of the week prior. It just happens that way. 


This weekend I wanted to be non-committal; fly by the seat of my pants. 

That said? Friday, I had a Glamsquad manicure in the comfort of my own, luxurious apartment (obviously the luxurious statement is a joke - quaint would be more fitting), all while watching The Holiday. Yes, it is definitely that time of year again.

Highlight of my wild night? I got cereal milk + pumpkin pie cake truffles from Momofuku MILK Bar. Because, Friday? 

Saturday morning: I got up early (as always) to troll around town for a bit with a large cup of coffee in hand from Fresco. Made my way up to the Union Square Farmers market (a weekend fave activity of mine) + also did a quick peruse through the Holiday Market (!) because it's officially open for the season. 

...Decided I really needed a lower back massage - so that also happened - all before 11am. 

Justin and I got brunch at Veselka; a New York institution known for its perogies. Like seriously good perogies, and to be honest, I am not a perogie-person. For the record: kind of obsessed with the place now (and obviously Justin). 



My afternoon? Errands and getting totally owned in SLT. Holy smokes. The burn is so good - still feeling it. 

Spent the rest of the night with wine, Miami friends and late night chats with Tor. Literally - nothing new here. 

Sunday? Well, my morning, the phrase, 'nothing new here', is applicable because you can definitely guess how I started the day: back to back Soul sessions with Akin. My arms feel like paper shreds right now. Butt on fire. Seriously. Thank goodness for Happy Bones almond milk cappuccinos to give some post-sweat-fuel so I could slowly walk home.

Oh yes, and thank goodness for long, hot showers. It's that time of the year too. #holla

Branding points.&nbsp;

Branding points. 

Rest of the day? Spent with gals on the Upper East Side making cauliflower pizza crust, which was uhh-mazing, eating cheese because everyone needs a side of cheese with their pizza and story telling. The pizza takes quite some effort to make but it was definitely worth the end-eeeeeats-game.

All of the eventing above was amazing. My weekend without many solid plans?

...it turned out to be quite a solid weekend. 

And tomorrow? I GO HOME. Heart is beating big right now. Ciao! 

FridYAY's Four |

^ Ariana Rockefeller’s Opening for her Popup Shop in Soho. #Moet bubbly

^ Dinner at Lafayette with some very talented editors from BlackBook Mag. I think one of my fave parts of this job is learning everyone’s diverse backgrounds. Never cease to be amazed. And that pumpkin presentation… I mean…. food pics really don’t get old to me. Sorry guys. 

^ This a.m. after a 6am Soul with Akin (my new actual obsession)… He KILLED it in class. Wow.

This week was so jammed packed full of goodness. 

Quick bit of highlights? 

– Dinner at Jade’s. Roasted brussel sprouts, arugula salad and hummus overload. Good catch up on wellness classes around the city and chianti. 

– Dinner at Skal with Ev. I adore her and her ambitions. We were green monsters that night. Brussels again… and broccoli to drool for. And it definitely had an ‘Ali-atmosphe’ as those who know me would say. 

– Drinks with Neesh because he always finds ways to challenge my thinking.

Tonight I am seeing This Is Our Youth with Jade and Mel. SO psyched. Tavi has been on the radar for me since sophomore year of college when Alan and I stalked her blog The Style Rookie… And now, she has grown up and is on Broadway. So cool. I’m a kid I think. Fun that Michael Cera is also in this. 

Packed weekend. You’ll get the full breakdown come Monday. CHEERS. x

This Weekend | The City Got Privy With P&S


Cherche Midi makes a killer capp. A rare but delicious treat to myself in Fall. 


Inspecting Frank ‘er something. Snagged a great outdoor spot later in the evening for Chianti and Burrata with Nicholas. 


Spent some quality time with my Dad’s college roommate Clark Winter. Highly advise checking out his photography here. Much talent: insert photography documented through film. A rarity. 


We don’t mess around. Neither does Maialino apparently. I had to seriously twist everyone at the table’s arm to order something. Low and behold, everyone had at it with their forks… 'Heath Bar’ done dreamily.


This boulangerie basket of goodness; Lafayette, you do not mess around. My version of a perfect start to a Saturday. Especially with my faves - Jade included. You’re real crowd pleaser xx


Quick pit stop at Barbour for a much needed fall essential. Quilted jacket purchased. Happy girl. Happppy girl. 


Celebrating this great human’s birthday all weekend. I most definitely like this tradition (x3 years in the making) - hope it continues many more years. 


^ They really are great and I don’t brag about them often. Special treat. 


I thiiiink this was my most favorite meal (and evening in general) – Quality Italian. You HAVE to go. 


Opening weekend of On The Town. When old school New York is brought to life via vocals - you can only expect good things. The ballet portion of this musical? Outstanding. I want to be a dancer…

Post-panic attack Times Sq. Truly one of my least favorite spots. 


Rise and shine Soho. Special treat – Leandra of Man Repeller was in my SoulCycle Class. Everyone knows. J'adore this chick. 


And at brunch, we don’t mess around. Peanut butter lover forever. Peanut butter and jelly French Toast? Other options don’t stand a chance. 


Recette is where you can find this delicacy. 

If you’re going to celebrate, it has to be done with a proper cake. Since my sweet tooth comes from my Faja, only made sense to get him a Tiramisu cake from Veniero’s Bakery in the East Village. 


The sunchokes: where precision meets perfection for tastebuds. 


This sprout pizza at ABC Kitchen confirms not all pizza is created equally. For the record; this pizza slice does everything right. 

You get this from me a lot, but I really could eat my way through this city. Pretty sure my parents would agree, the wining and dining here can always be taken next-level.

((Insert :: insane amount of food pics that I am not shameful about))

Weekends that work out this well are true rarities. My parents got to spend time with some of the most important people in my life here, in my city, my home. The weather was Autumn crisp to perfection. And of course, just quality time with them is great since we are a few states away these days. 

Weekends like this I am always so sad to see end. Truly. But then again, it makes them all the more special because they are such gems. Ya dig? I do.

Friday's Four |


Plans on the horizon? Well… 

1. Breafast, brunch and dinners at some top notch spots including: Cherche Midi, Maialino, Quality Italian, Lafayette, ABC Kitchen and Sarabeth’s, with some other scatted about (will report back Monday). Lookin’ like a real skinny weekend over here…

2. Seeing On The Town – just opened on Broadway. Love me a musical (!)

3. Alexander Wang for H&M – these sports bras? Worthy workout ‘splurge’ on the sports bras. 

4. This is one wedding I truly, I mean truly, lust over written by the great Micaela English. J'adore. 

And if you’re miraculously wondering why I am participating in a full embarkment on NYC luxe-life, it’s rooted in the fact that P& S are in town. So excited! Hard to believe it’s been almost a full year since their last city adventure.

To an extent, you know what’s coming your way Monday. Full disclosure on weekend eats, oddities and gathered bits & pieces. Weather is supposed to knock it out of the park! xo 

Friday's Four |


^ People wonder how you feel calm in a city where you are surrounded by millions of hustlers. This is how. Long walk around the reservoir with Sarah. 


^ Sweet Chick with Ev. It’s amazing to me how much your friendship and honest opinion makes me think. && Hominy Brussel Sprouts; you’ve stolen my heart. 


^ That’s darling. 


^ The day I got matchy-matchy with my food consumption and fashuun.


^ Early gets the bird - Soul Thursdays with Parker make 6am worth it. 


^ Dinner at The Standard, East Village Cafe with a fellow Clevelander who has killed in in the PR Industry. So happy I got to meet you Ashley; your drive is inspiring + you’re fun (++) #midwestisbest


^ Grove Street, West Village before a lovely dinner at Buvette with Michelle of michellebakerwellness - who knew my La Colombe Barista of my first few years in New York would become a dear friend and mentor. 

And for your Friday read: What kind of wine are you? Love this. Harpers hits the nail on the head. #pinotnoir

This weekend will be full of surprises ;) excited to share with you on Monday. 

(&&) this was way more than four, but it was just that kind of week. 

This Weekend | Seasonal Flavors


^ Quattro Formaggi Pizza with truffle oil from Gnocco. To the face. 


^ Low-carb and lovin’ it. 


^ Lunch at Le Pain with Josh after a weekend wellness session. Adore him. 

^ Pinot Noir. The bold new taste of fall - see ya next summer rose ;)


^ Ty Guy. So happy to have ya in this city. 

This weekend was the perfect mix of needed, fulfilling and ‘fall’. I kind of wish things would always stay this good. Friday’s doub date was a success, most definitely. Saturday was rainy but that lent itself for being perfect timing to put our new 'living room’ together. It might be more of a hallway… but nonetheless, it didn’t take long to arrange (!) That night I had dinner with Linds at San Marzano. Really. Good. And a turn of events left the evening pretty sleepless and perfect. Sunday was spent in Central Park with a side of some wardrobe re-vamping. 

Special HBD to my A + J. 21!! So good. Seven new days to make it count. 

This Weekend | This Home


^ San Gennaro Feast in Little Italy with Ty. Pistacchio cannoli… ‘nough said.

^ Fried 'chokes. Again, no further adjectives needed.


^ B&W morning strolls through the East Village. My hood. 

^ Brunch at Franks with Tor. I chatted her ear off… #baebrunch ;)

I really enjoyed this weekend for many reasons. We explored our rooftop. Talk about room with a view. My favorite view. Spent the night with a favorite. Sent a mortifying text. Went on a long stroll with Claire. Realized how incredibly happy I am. Ended the bliss with a salted carmel cone from Van Leewan and him. 

Also, if you’re concerned - I promise I do pursue other adventures that aren’t fully surrounded by food consumption. Sometimes… occasionally.  

Friday's Four | or SO?

^NY nights with Jade & Mel. Bar Primi provides for quite the ambiance. Risotto balls were top notch, as well as the rigatoni with eggplant and ricotta… and the linguine with four cloves of garlic and bread crumbs. Be still my garlic-gung-ho heart.  

^ this was Jade’s dish but had to capture it, because the noodle made for art.

^ cotton candy silk c/o LOVESHACKFANCY on my way to meet with the home editor at Vogue for a lunch at The Lambs Club. 

^ new Cole Haan kicks c/o my lover and mentor, Lili Diallo. One of Dree’s picks. So well done. 

We meet again. Of course this is a good thing eh? 

Last night I attended a ‘Namasday’ Marie Claire Mag event at Exhale to do yoga and indulge in some really delicious healthy foods. NEWS: I think I might be falling for the whole yoga-scene. It was actually so hard yet relaxing. Great… another thing to add to my spending tendencies. Also, celebrated Victoria’s promo at Flute Champagne Bar last night. So proud of the chick. Making moves in the right direction. Thankful you were born drinking a Brita ;) 

Now that it’s fall, I’m starting to crave the woodsy/firey/smokey scene that I grew up with in NE Ohio. My private backyard - I miss it guys. Ohio actually does have very beautiful parts aside from it’s boring rep. This article makes me want to go that much more. Might need to take a quick weekend jaunt… 

Today we have the Glam Squad coming into our office for mini-makeovers. Hello Friday! I’ll take a little glamm'in (and desperately need it?!)… I’m between The Bombshell and The Free Spirit. What’s your pick? 

Lastly, for my martini mains, read this from T&C. Who knew Franklin Roosevelt was so wise? This has me craving my favorite drink in this city… a good dirty after a work week. Good thing Otto Enoteca can provide later tonight. 

Felice fine settimana <3 

This Weekend | Fall'n Hard & Marrying Myself


^ Lavo for Chromeo. I don’t think my feet have ever been stepped on so much. 


^ FINALLY had Victory Garden’s goats milk ice cream. Salted carmel and dark chocolate swirl… & cookie crumbled on top. Good thing I worked out prior…


^ Soho really does have the prettiest of buildings. Even with faux windows.


^ Central Park really does bring this city a sense of calm. I don’t know why I’m always shocked by this. Pretty new blooms. The last of the rose. So long my summer sipping. 


^ Apt. 1A being cute. Cheers to my favorite colors: green, white and champagne. Good roommate award. image

^ Standard at The Standard. Note: Tor is eating an apple from the display. So… that happened. 


^ Cellar 58 - arugula, avocado and cannelloni beans. Simple. I <3 food.


^ Sunday stroll through the West Village. Peeping toms into all brownstones. Some people sure do have quite the set up. 

I can already tell, this is going to be a ‘fab fall’… for lack of better words. 

Highlights :: 

- Chianti and jalapeno hummus with Nicholas C. Are we surprised? No. 

- Athlete’s Club SWEATFEST - a great work out & guys, it was free. 

- Sunday morning spent in Central Park. Live jazz… which I think helped my horrid hangover. Oh and the browns won. So that’s just shocking. 

- Leisurely evening stroll with Kel’s and Tor. Je love these types of nights. Kel’s and I also got the coolest Prada Marfa print by Rob Hann. Need framed stat.

OH. And we decided we are marrying ourselves. This is the way to go. So much easier. You’ll be invited to each individual after party ;) #tildeathdouspart

Weekend | Walking In Colors




My gosh, this weekend was so colorful. It was just gorgeous. Something I have realized that is quite different in NY, from Ohio, is that the seasons changes later. The transition of summer into fall is so gradual, until boom. It hits and it hits in the best way possible. Crisp weather and colorful eye candy. And the contrast?! From vivid greens to oranges and canary yellows… such an array.

Watching the ING NYC Marathon Sunday was one of the more inspirational things I have seen in a while. Such strong people. 26 miles?! It was already on my bucket list to complete a marathon at some point, but it just got so much higher on the list. 

Cheers to a good week. Plus that extra hour of sleep last night? So spot on to start off the week. And my best friends come this weekend. !!

Oh and ps - I got to see my most inspirational professor this morning for a cafe latte completed by great conversation. He was in town from Venice and made the time to catch up with me. Some people make you really want to do more with your life, and he is one of those people for me. As if I didn’t miss Italy enough.. x 

Currently Coveting | Fall Decor

It is absolutely baffling to me that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I mean, wouldn’t you agree? Fall has flown. And finally the temp around here has dropped, added to the feeling of the season.

These fall decorations are just what my apartment is lacking to hone in on the upcoming holiday’s spirit. They all exhibit a touch of elegance without going overboard and plastering pilgrims all over the place… (although I do respect that, if done tastefully). And the essential: a sparkle element.

The best part about these? They are all relatively simple DIY projects. So this weekend… I think we know what I’ll be doing.  


Friday's Four |

1. I am in love with this clutch. And trying to find ways to purchase it. Thanks to Sarah, I am now obsessed with Nada Sawaya, a NY-based brand. 


2. My Friday fall activity today entails the farmers market in Union Square followed by making apple crisp. My personal favorite taste of fall.

3. I love this quote.

Don’t give up on the people you love. Your patient love and faithfulness may be exactly what they need to make a complete turnaround. 

4. My new “must read” is The Longest Ride, by (yes I am embarrassed) Nicholas Sparks. Cliche but it cultivates history and romance. + a NYTimes Best Seller.

Heading to the Hamptons tomorrow for the rest of the weekend that will include wine tasting, a beach walk and a trip to the farmer’s market with some faves of mine (fingers crossed that I see Ina Garten!)… plus dinner with Dad. Enjoy yours.

Friday's Four |

1. Zara could not have put out a more killer collection for the fall. I probably pass through there every other day? Today’s look? This, this and this.
2. Sunday I am running the Run 10 Feed 10 “10K” which I admittedly will say… I am a bit nervous for. I haven’t raced since my cross country and track days of high school. So six years later, I figured it was time to tie the laces and give it another go around.
3. I am a serious sucker for fashion sketches. So when I stumbled upon this link, I melted a little. The style and loose strokes. Kitchy and frameworthy. Hop on over and check it out.
4. Random and unrelated: Last night I went to dinner with a rep at Keste. A few things worth noting: This place has will never cease to steal my heart with pizza. Secondly, I have come to the realization that I really aspire to be someone that younger souls like myself look up to one day. This woman has become my “Manhattan Ma” so.to.speak. I look to her for advice (constantly) and look forward to the evenings I get to spend with her.
She is from BK and she does not beat around the bush to give the answers you wish to hear. More or less just tells you the cold, hard truth. Which frankly, more should do. I hope to one day provide the same kind of tough love for someone frantically find her way.
Becca is in town for the weekend (WELCOME!) and it’s going to be another busy one. Enjoy yourself! x

HELLLLLLLO Fashion Week New York. How long we have waited for you.

So we all know that the coming days are going to be filled with favorites and updates of “liked looks” (essentially the good, the bad and the ugly)… and a side a longing to actually be attending. 

I’m sure all the bloggers of this city are going to be dressed in their most desirable garb while snapping pics, jotting down looks and (if you’re one of the lucky ones…) attending the shows. The sticks have been slinking the city streets, especially Soho, and are ready to strut the runways. Can’t wait to see what’s in store. What a great start to fall huh?

Images 1,

Wanted | Prints and Staples

So last night I got the new, laaaarge W Mag for September. Needless to say, I sat in bed and read (and drooled some) about what is hitting stores this fall. So many great prints. So many staple jackets. I spent so much time looking at each page I didn’t even make it half way through the issue! Oops?

Yesterday I went to Equipment and spotted that biker shirt above. I want so bad to wear that every week under a trend like the Rubber Gabardine from Burberry. One is a little more attainable than the other… however, I’m sure our friends at Zara will produce something equally as cool (and afforadable) for the masses trying to achieve these chic, city looks for fall.

How is it only Tuesday?