Pro Tip: Search the hashtag #museumoficecream for lots of tastiness (and craziness) that's being posted.

Pro Tip: Search the hashtag #museumoficecream for lots of tastiness (and craziness) that's being posted.

Whether you like it, or love-to-hate it, social media is a tool that's become mainstream for companies to target (and well, really, captivate) a millennial audience.

Instagram for the pretty (and almost always) edited pic, that usually is not posted that instant; Snapchat for the spur-of-the moment op you don't mind "disappearing" after 24 hours.

Both effective in reaching an audience. 

So what happens when you attend the Museum of Ice Cream in New York's Meatpacking District? You experience the natural evolution of what our society is becoming; one that has amateur photographers itching to become present, and one where we look to have society acknowledge the activities we are partaking in "offline". 

Fast forward to the first Monday in August, many weeks after purchasing our tickets, and I found myself standing in line with two of my main chicks, Jade and Mel, as we anxiously awaited our call to entry at this food-focused extravaganza.


I've been in New York now going on five years and I still find these sorts of experiences worth every second of waiting; waiting to hit the jackpot of juxtapositions in which our society finds means to define #basic as a commonly used expression.

Notables took shape in the form of (edible) sugar balloons, a room pumping out scents of chocolate and the small pill (vitamin?) each person is given near the exit that sits on your tongue for a minute, before being presented with a cone. The vitamin turns the sour to sweet when the lemon hits your tastebuds. And the cone? It was full of that natural vanilla taste that will forever be my mouth's number one flavor. (second to peanut butter* of course)

On my walk home, with sugar vibes running through my veins, I found I was in the zone with both hands glued to my phone; sending images to my sister, my boss, my gaggle of sweat seekers (you get it - a lot of people) as fast as my fingers would let me. I sent a heck of a lot of freaking pics is the point I am getting at here. But why would I not? Without edits, the pics were visually sharable. And furthermore, the way the museum (if you can even call it that) presented each room, emulated modern pop art.

It was then that I actually laughed, or more so, snickered to myself:

How is it that I fall so easily for such swoon-worthy social moments?

Then I was reminded quite quickly:

I spend hours a day on Instagram. Sadly, that's far from an exaggeration. Much of my job is tracking down influencers, digesting trends and eating with my eyes (all of the ridiculously insta-worthy food) to keep of up with all of the content that is created for my viewing pleasure. (memes obviously included)

But on a personal level, I realized the reason I continue to post, and yes, get sucked into the social trap: 

Taking a picture and posting it shares what I am doing. Great. Who cares.

The reason I continue to share is because I get to look back; And I get to smile looking back at certain moments on my own feed, remembering that specific moment. It's that simple. 

I digress. 

So, while I will be the first to tell you social-savvy to get there before the pop up ends, you're likely going to be paying a pretty penny. Rumor has it (or as read on Eater) that tickets are selling for $100 + on Craigslist.

The proof is in the pudding (or scoop of artisan ice cream...) that our generation will in fact go wild over the idea of swimming through a pool of sprinkles. So basically, that's what it's all about in this city's curated cremery-land.

And after all, it is summer... thus you should participate in celebrating the sweet of the season.


There are weekends away that are great - and then there are weekends away that you know will hit the summer #highlight reel come September: enter trip to Chicago. 

Never not moving. (also: broke AF because of it)

And while I have a love-hate relationship with airports (and always am succumbed to delays and/or flight cancellations), I sure seem to spend a lot of time there; making weekend trips second nature. 

Anyways, this past weekend I made it to Chicago in a timely manner. That said, I am not totally sure how to start, where to start, and so on and so forth.  Ahead -- my weekend compiled and compact.

My top ranked food experiences for the weekend? 

  • Real Good Juice Co. for a health-buzz (and because you're actually lying to yourself if you act like a smoothie doesn't sound perfect for a refreshing treat to ride out those spin-enfused endorphins that come from Soul)
  • El Hefe for some seriously good Mexican i.e. chips on chips on chips (that were obviously dipped in guac and various salsas) and skinny margs on tap
  • Perennial Virant for a group brunch with a trendy vibe; we roll squad deep (like twelve deep) and had quite the crew that fit quite nicely at a large communal table (bonus: there is a rooftop with #winning views of downtown Chicago on top at a spot called J.Parker) 

I also got to catch up with people that mean so much to me and people that I don't get to see nearly enough over the course of the few days I was in town. Thanks for making time for me ye olde college friends - Em + Becca + Joe T - because I heart you so and think of you each often. 

Truly, a very pretty, very easy, city to love. So easy. 

Truly, a very pretty, very easy, city to love. So easy. 

Obvious things: 

  • Spending a weekend hanging with 2/3 of my siblings pretty much solidifies happiness. Sammy and Audrey, I couldn't be more thrilled (ahem: jealous) that the two of you get to experience living in Chicago together. You two... oh, you two. You two are going to have the most fun living in the same city. I love you both, beyond.

Value adds: 

  • Plotting a meet-up with my fave spin couple of all-time - Maddy + Ed - because who wouldn't want to see one another at 6am in NY at spin, then hours later at 11pm in IL? Killing it in the effort department. 
  • Playing Monopoly on Saturday night paired with v. special blueberry mixed drinks c/o Charlie (Sammy's friends win in this department).
  • Sitting next to my youngest brother, Johnny's, lovely girlfriend, Liv, at brunch (also, a newbie to the #citylife scene) and catching up on everything; a true necessity. 

Weekend winning moment? 

Drum roll (and a #skyfullofstars) is appropriate here. 

My night spent losing track of time at the Coldplay concert at Solider Field - you guys - wins for the MVM (most valuable moment) of my weekend. 

There are very few concerts that truly can bring tears to my eyes, but this one; It beat the odds. I left with a head full of dreams (yes, just like the song) and feeling all kinds of emotions. Nights like these are necessary; the kind that take you out or reality for just a little bit; the kind that make you lose sight of the little things that start to weigh heavy for no apparent reason.

Nights like these -- 

they fix you.

It meant a million times more that I was able to experience such an inspiring night with my brother. 

Our seats. The crisp air (yes, finally after a scary-big rain storm) for mood. The lights. My gosh.

Our seats. The crisp air (yes, finally after a scary-big rain storm) for mood. The lights. My gosh.

I wish a picture could do any bit of this concert justice... but like, it can't; it won't; it never will. 

I wish a picture could do any bit of this concert justice... but like, it can't; it won't; it never will. 

This weekend called to attention how important it is to live a life that continues to bring forth new experiences. And though it's so not my personality to not have a planned out agenda (you all know this...), it felt really great not having a set plan all weekend, and just going with the flow. 

More pics + more things below. Scroll. 


There are seldom things I enjoy more than entertaining (working out aside) friends and family. I feel this love probably took root growing up in a home where my parents were constantly having friends over for hours spent throwing parties on our back patio and countless time in the kitchen preparing.

SO on Friday, a select group of my friends all gathered on the roof of apartment 88 for (what I like to think of as a  #magical) midsummer party.

Rooftop parties are a way of life if you live in the city in the summer; a place for friends to gather around, catch up over those insta-worthy views, all while consuming cocktails, wines, fresh fruits, vegetables and coveted cheese spreads. If you live here, then you likely know the kind of night I am talking about.

For me, the best part may have been rooted in the fact that, finally, my old friends got to spend time meeting a few of my newish friends (all relative in the scheme of things) met through the fitness community; and further, the fact they all got along so perfectly. This made all of the effort beyond worth it. 

Will this city ever cease to make me swoon? I sure as hell hope not. There's truly nothing like this view in the summer, crisp breeze and all.

Will this city ever cease to make me swoon? I sure as hell hope not. There's truly nothing like this view in the summer, crisp breeze and all.

Saturday's move?  Sweating out (three bottles worth of) rosé and an aggressive few rounds of desserts, from the night prior, at Akin's Army Bootcamp. Not a morning I need to re-live. Push ups and planks definitely involved a little bit of mind-conquering that morning.

Rewards came in the form of a rooftop sun-sesh with Vane, where we proceed to talk all things from the night prior... and the nights we are planning escapes in the coming weeks.

And oh man, you GUYS (!) Saturday night... 

The primary take away? It was very spontaneous. It was also very rich in random details. 

Sunday comprehensively involved all of the walking: both downtown, and later on, uptown back downtown. 

It also involved some Mister Softee + Pinkberry... because National Ice Cream Day. 

My morning started off so strong after taking one of the best Soul Survivor classes I have taken in quite some time now. Everything was in synch; Akin's messaging was on point and he really helped push my limits in those 60 minutes. I left high on sweat. #satisfying



Most of my day was spent with Alina, and involved Fresco (naturally) and a nice 8 mile (sweat-filled) power walk along down the Hudson River to One World Trade and back up again. And later, my night involved walking home from dinner at HU Kitchen on the Upper East Side with Jade.

All of this resulted in me logging 15 miles of functional movement. #canthelpmyself

These are the weekends during the summer, in steamy New York, that are quintessential to what one would envision summer-in-the-city to look like; rooftop parties, sunning and sweating, all whilst serendipitously making new connections during time spent wandering. And while none of this is new to me, per say, there still is something just so fascinating about how times like these are ones that will likely never be forgotten.



I'm a Nantucket virgin... well, I was. Not growing up on the East Coast, we had family on the Cape that we would visit occasionally, but we never did the Nantucket-thing (in part because us Martillotta kids had a skewed idea that East Coast beaches were always "grey"- our mistake). 

There are two kinds of weekends: ones that are satisfying and ones that blow expectations out of the water. This one was the latter of the two.

My adventure to Nantucket Island began at 3:45am when Sarah and Nick, my confidants for the weekend, picked me up for our drive to the age-old slow ferry, The Eagle, which would take us through the Atlantic waters (and heavy fog) and eventually dock us off the coast of Massachusetts.

And this was our welcome as we approached the shore (and obviously) after the fog had cleared: 

Crystal colour.  

Crystal colour.  

My most beach-chic accommodations this weekend. I was spoiled. 

My most beach-chic accommodations this weekend. I was spoiled. 

After driving around town with the seasoned Nantucket-natives (obviously had to show me the lay of the land!), the kind of town where history spills out of cobblestone drives and there are weathered-wooden shingle houses, covered in lattices full of ivy and blossoms, I quickly felt one thing; at ease.

We had sandwiches from Somthing Natural (avocado, cheddar + chutney, talk about a combo that speaks to my heart) and quickly made our way to Cisco beach.

Note: Food on the island has a level of freshness that's notable. I feel that the integrity of true farm-fresh-food should be celebrated, every day.


The sun; its warmth radiated through my bones as I hadn't felt it perpetrate through my skin in months. We spent the better part of the afternoon beached before making our way to Cisco Brewery for Blue Haired Ladies (blueberry vodka poured over brew) amongst many who also were around for Figawi; a major boat race from the Cape to Nantucket.

There is no shortage of beachy-nostalgia in this town. 

As for our evening? It was lovely. We spent time in The Anglinger kitchen making recipes of currant and carrot quinoa, prepping broccoli rabe and for the meat eaters, grilling steaks. And of course all of this was done over the course of time while sipping various bottles of wine. We finished the meal with strawberry pizza; cream cheese frosting over a thin pastry crust. Lush.

Define seaside simplicity: _______ (look above) 

Define seaside simplicity: _______ (look above) 

Fresh gazpacho to start us off, dining al fresco. 

Fresh gazpacho to start us off, dining al fresco. 

Saturday morning highlights? Experiencing Nick's most delicious crispy egg (it's a thing and it's righteously served without much garnish to distract from its blissful flavor) and prepping for a morning of clamming.  


As you will notice, my design-driven mind was swooned-over by this home. It was so tastefully designed; done with just the right amount of beachy-decor that you felt a real, yet simple, magical charm.


Note: Morning light across the white walls and lightly-coloured wooden floors? Simply elegant.



Clamming; a practice that takes patience. But also, an activity that is oddly rewarding when you rake in that clam from the sand. 

As the saying goes - couples who clam together - talk of having clam pizza together and likely, do to their bonding over the delicacy,  stay together,  in true clamming fashion.

As the saying goes - couples who clam together - talk of having clam pizza together and likely, do to their bonding over the delicacy, stay together, in true clamming fashion.


Again, beautiful day led us to the beach yet again. This go-around? We each passed out, face down, in the sand for a successful afternoon siesta.  

Dinner that evening was at Proprietors; place where small plates were passed back and forth (and back again). Highlights? The zucchini fritters and the carrot hummus and of course, the fried sourdough and grass-fed butter, and a perfectly dirty dir

And no dining experience is complete without a treat for the tastebuds of homemade ice cream. We stopped at The Juice Shop. My picks? Peanut butter ice cream in a homemade waffle bowl (insert: the most fragrant scents of vanilla) topped off with fudge. Skinny swallowing was not a thing this night. 

The saying "New England charm" is no joke around these parts of town. 

The saying "New England charm" is no joke around these parts of town. 

Another design detail from my room, because ( ^ )

Another design detail from my room, because ( ^ )


Sunday morning we woke up with another day of no clouds. This translate to another day meant to be spent by the sea (drinking spiked spritzers, nonetheless). After a long-ish early-morning run (I am slowly getting it back, you guys!), we packed up and found ourselves crisped quickly as the breeze provided the optimal temp for our bronze-seeking bodies.

Love a run in New York City - totally, totally  l  ove it  - but when you get to run along the much-needed greenery after a l.o.n.g, grey Spring, you really feel revived. 

Love a run in New York City - totally, totally love it - but when you get to run along the much-needed greenery after a l.o.n.g, grey Spring, you really feel revived. 

And not to talk about the weather - but I have to talk about it -  but the weather. .. do you see a single cloud? Beach goers call this #blessed

And not to talk about the weather - but I have to talk about it - but the weather... do you see a single cloud? Beach goers call this #blessed

And the better part of the afternoon was spent at Cisco Brewery; (again) packed with beached-bodies, who were all quite excited when Rob Gronkowski made a guest appearance, and indulged in even more. Such fun to see that crew of boys again; such a surprise...! Great group. 

After crushing naps, we headed to Pi for, well, pizza pies of course (also mozz. stick madness). This place totally could bring the heat with their thin-crust game playing a strong hand in helping us rally after a long day in the sun. And in true ACK-fashion, we completed our night at The Chicken Box - or The Box as the natives would say - dancing (and sweating) to a cover band while drinking locally-crafted beers.

My kind of night. 

And luckily (or at least in my opinion) it was rainy on Memorial Day, which made leaving a little less painful on Monday. We did some window shopping in the town and spent the morning reading. And most importantly, we got donuts.  I forget how grateful I am for the occasional lazy morning; for flat-out relaxing. 

All of this, all of it, made for a most memorable Memorial Day weekend away.

So yes,  now I fully understand why these people love this place. It really is the most magical escape from reality one could ever wish for in the summer - and more importantly - it's the most relaxed I have felt in a very long time.


Everyone needs an escape from the concrete jungle, every now and again. And this place appeals to the masses: the foodie, the outdoors-y and the ones keen on architectural wonders. Now's your chance - book a weekend there now

PS - Thanks to Sarah and Nick for letting me tag along for a weekend in on your favorite summer spot. Big hug.  


Fell into Friday pretty emotionally exhausted. What a week (!) 

That said, this weekend; I needed my weekend. And luckily, I live on a small island that usually brings me back to my senses quite quickly in the 48 hours we dub as the weekend. 

The first portion of warming this soul started on Friday evening celebrating the engagement of my dear friend Meaghan (oh hey, FitCrasher) and Matt at the most elegant party on the Upper East Side. Visualize: lots of champagne, passed appetizers and a whole fan club of people supportive of the lovely couple.

My thoughts are quite simple in describing this (and them): lovely. 


Also: Park Avenue in all of it's glory

Bowl game strong Friday night: zucchini and cauliflower on repeat, topped off with some chili flakes. 


...this is 25... 

And Saturday morning, I woke up feeling myself again. It's a remarkable what a solid night of sleep will do to help you reset. Madd and I headed to Akin's Army Bootcamp - seemingly something we've made a weekend ritual quite quickly together with La Colombe and all - to get coached to new strengths by our fave.

We always leave class on a high. 

Since it was extremely rainy, i.e. cold, miserable and the like, I figured it was the perfect day to bake some chocolate peanut butter (protein-packed) cookies from my favorite food blog The Secret Ingredient Is... and damn, did I make a wise decision. True life testimonial from an acclaimed peanut butter addict (me): imagine the taste after taking your spoon into a jar of peanut butter and further, dipping it into dark chocolate chips, where you could literally repeat this motion all day long. That my friends, is what these cookies taste like; hitting the nail so hard on the head. Recipe here

I've said it multiple times before but since moving to NY (almost 5 summers ago...), Mexican cuisine makes my world go round.

I've said it multiple times before but since moving to NY (almost 5 summers ago...), Mexican cuisine makes my world go round.

As for our evening? It was spend celebrating Mel's birthday at La Esquina. The food was absolutely phenomenal. Still dreaming of the mushroom tostadas and the plaintain chips with queso fundido. And Mel? Well, this girl, she outdid herself on setting the table (yes, we had assigned seats), ordering just the right kinds of pitchers of margs for the table (oh hey, passion fruit!) and treating us all to an evening that couldn't have been more perfect with our design crew. 


 ^^ p i c s on pics to scroll through ^^ 

It's crazy, really, to think of all of the places we have all been together. 

It's crazy, really, to think of all of the places we have all been together. 

Sunday brought about the nonnegotiable(s): Soul Survivor and a coffee date I totally rock at third-wheeling, more coffee at Maman later (like duh) and Y7 Yoga with Kels and Cat, followed by a much-needed catch up at Fresco afterwards. Rounded out the day with some major foam rolling... as I seriously have lactic acid build up from the past few sweat sessions. 

Feeling ready to take on a new week. Feeling even more grateful that it is a new week.


Gallery wall on F L E E K. Perfectly lit. Super seductive. 

Gallery wall on F L E E K. Perfectly lit. Super seductive. 

It's always on the most unassuming nights when you somehow wind up with a much later night than you'd bargained for... which, if you couldn't tell already, leads me to Friday evening. 

Victoria and I headed to Tartinery in Soho for winter salads, beets and burrata and of course, a bottle of Chianti. It was so nice to just catch up with her outside of the apartment since we'd both been away the past couple of weekends. So, we did as middle school friends do: we laughed a whole lot and made fun of even more. Oops? 

But because we weren't ready to end our night, we headed to Mr. Purple: a chic (I know, I know) enclosed rooftop bar in the Lower East Side where we proceeded to consume dirty martinis. This is when I will refrain from sharing the number. 

Our night ended shortly after there because with views like ^ this ^ you get caught up quickly as time is spent doting over the skyline. Our skyline. Our home. 

Saturday morning, I woke up and headed to Yoga Charged at The Movement for a killer class by Courtney. I already have serious balance issues... but let me tell you, after a late night, it's even worse. However, I always dig a challenge and that's what the class proved to give. 

Shortly after, I met Jade at Combina in Soho for a brunch of Mediterranean tapas. Each dish - aside from the b. sprouts - contained eggplant. Not one complaint about that situation. Eggplant is my achilles heel, second to peanut butter and zucchini... It was such a nice afternoon catching up and not having anywhere to rush off to. We ended up walking about 6 miles (avid iPhone Health app tracker) taking in the sunshine and strolling down some fave streets from Nolita to the West Village back to the Lower East Side.

This is where the nick name farm girl still comes into play... 

^ a r t

And Sunday, I was up early so I walked over to Barry's Bootcamp in Noho for full body torture... and to ensure I had enough room to finish a full stack of pancakes at Clinton Street Bakery for a brunch date with Kels. 

YOU GUYS: there is substantial evidence now for the reasons people wait hours for these things. My banana walnut chocolate chunk pancakes were the sh*t. And so was my morning, and multiple cups of coffee at Why Not while we waited for our table, hanging with Kels. 

Not all pancakes are created equally. It's one of the most true statements. 

Not all pancakes are created equally. It's one of the most true statements. 

And the weather? Such a teaser of what's to come in the next few weeks. I spent the rest of the afternoon walking around, window shopping for my next pair of Nikes, and finally making my way to SLT.

Seizing every last drop of sun before heading to the Marko-Andlinger flat for ze best Oscar viewing party. Let's just say this, if the following elements are involved - champagne, lemon parmesan spaghetti from Supper and crack pie from Momofuku Milk Bar - how could you have anything but a fab time?

Blue skies and filtered light

Blue skies and filtered light

And LEO WON. He finally broke his longstanding curse and took home that metal statue. 

Beyond happy for Brie Larson as well. So deserved. And her counterpart, Jacob Tremblay, is beyond the cutest. The relationship those two share is beyond... and it's one that should be nominated for most-genuine. 

It's Monday. Tomorrow's March. Buh-bye winter blues. X


This has winter has been a season of becoming; one where no connection has gone unnoticed, and neither has the value add. 

These are less than four bones per taco. Can't beat that in this city. Ya just can't. 

These are less than four bones per taco. Can't beat that in this city. Ya just can't. 

On Friday, I had one goal set out to accomplish: indulge in tacos. SO. That is exactly what I did. I high-tailed it out of the office and made a beeline straight for Taqueria Diana… because not all tacos are created equally. And yes, that is a fact. 

The rest of my evening was spent with some of my very favorite New Yorkers in Alphabet City at a party to welcome home our girl Linds, who has just returned from almost a year in Tel Aviv working with an architecture firm, falling in love (!) and gaining perspective. 

Saturday was spent… well, sweating. Maddy and I headed to La Colombe for a quick caffeine boost before an one.hour.and.forty.five.minute bootcamp with the sergeant himself, Akin, at Studio B. When I say it hurts to lift my arms, I will clarify: it really hurts to lift my arms. But we left feeling so accomplished, inspired, the like; at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. 

Like, did we cast the sequel to Fight Club? You guys will never know. But this place was ze most intense. 

Like, did we cast the sequel to Fight Club? You guys will never know. But this place was ze most intense. 

This was all before I decided to be spontaneous and do a boxing class at Overthrow Boxing Club off of Bleeker with Lizzie. And when I say it was a no joke sort of class: it was a no room for messing around kind of class. However, wow, I really threw some punches. Kind of wondering why I don’t engage in this “boxing” thing more often. We rewarded ourselves with Liquiteria. 

If you're looking for casual drinks with friends - this is definitely your spot in the West Village. Try.

If you're looking for casual drinks with friends - this is definitely your spot in the West Village. Try.

< 3 this one. 

< 3 this one. 

And the rest of the day? Spent with S, and co. We started at the Comedy Cellar for a few hours of, what some would call, comedy. There were a lot of performances - I repeat - a lot. Few were funny though. But we did have an occasional laugh. And we also got told to shut up. So, that was that. 

Shortly after, dined at The Happiest Hour, which has a whimsical feel about it… well, whimsy paired with a refined 70’s flaire. I was a fan. I was a fan of the fries that we split too. 

And again, we met up later in the evening to hang with our fave Nicks in New York. I so love every time we all hang… and talk about food. For some reason, that’s always the topic of conversation. Such savvy foodies we are. 

This bar scene FTW. I am thinking it might be my new Friday night #happyhour hang out.

This bar scene FTW. I am thinking it might be my new Friday night #happyhour hang out.

Slowed down a bit on Sunday. Started with a Soul Survivor in Soho, coffee with my spin sidekicks at Ceci Cela afterwards and an extremely long shower (yes, like upward of 20 minutes) when I finally returned home. My afternoon was low-key: writing and walking sums it up. 

Ended the weekend at ACME with my cousin and our friend Nelson visiting from London. He spends so much of his life traveling and exploring the world; exploring it in the context of immersing himself in the culture. For instance, he has been to four different continents in 2016. That should give you a better idea... and furthermore, fills me with ideas. 

As Americans, maybe our thinking is off. Maybe we need to do less of the living to work thing and do a little more of working to live, explore and grow. As of late, I am really trying to leave it at the office more. It’s an added resolution (to the many)… as of, today.                                      

How did your weekend shape up?                                                                        


I love winter for many reasons, but one of the heavy hitters for me is in part due to all of the warm comfort food that coincides with the season.

i.e. chili. 

On Friday night, a group of us headed to Jade's on the Upper East Side for a lentil (vegetarian) chili that was truly, quality. I mean, it had just enough spice to really give it a kick and was hearty, which really, is necessary. Everyone brought a bottle of wine, I made a jalapeño cornbread to pair with the chili, and Mel surprised our birthday boys, Justin + Dylan, with a homemade buttercream cake. And let's just say, the butter cream? It didn't disappoint. 

All yes to all of that. What more could you ask for on a Friday? J-bird, thanks for crushing the host game. 

Nights like that >

Followed by morning views like this >

The next morning I woke up early (like 7am) to head to SLT in Soho for a sweat session with Claire. Those machines of torture are weirdly addicting - in part because you want to be able to do the moves with even more fluidity and in part because you see the results - but nonetheless, we earned our brunch. 

The morning after burn is always epic. J'luv.&nbsp;

The morning after burn is always epic. J'luv. 

Which leads me to the next big news: finally got sat at the infamously overly-crowded Egg Shop. 

I suppose there is legitimate reason people geek out over the place - the egg sandwiches are on point (mine was a biscuit with egg whites, gruyere - the best, avo - obviously, and a caramelized onion aioli) and so is the ambiance. Brunch fans, rejoice

Mornings: FTW (for the win)




And then I was secretly happy because the weather turned gloomy and it started to rain. So, I decided to do something kind of crazy... 

I napped. 

I actually just shut the eyes and napped. And since we're being honest here; it felt amazing.

Saturday night, headed to Williamsburg with J and a few other chicks for Shelter Pizza, which was pretty much inhaled within seconds of being placed on the table. We got sat by the fire - not sure you can ask for more than that - especially when you're in a city that actually doesn't have fireside seating everywhere (unless I am missing something...?). 

Taking the subway home last night, I looked around and admired my car - some freaks, some couples, some sexy men, etc... and just thought - how crazy is it that we're all here in this hard ass city because we love to feed off of the energy it breathes. Crazy, right? 

Finished the night with (free) Fresco Gelato, peanut butter, of course. 

Started off a very soggy Sunday with a double ride that really - well - really burned. So many bursts of energy throughout the two hours. Hamstrings. On. Fire. 

Afterwards, treated myself to an almond milk cappuccino at Happy Bones, and decided to save some cash (t r y i n g to be better) and make my own b'fast grain bowl of quinoa, broccoli, avo and egg. Not bad eh? 

ALSO - these peanut butter chocolate chip energy bites? AMAZING. Stole the recipe from The Secret Ingredient Is... so simple. So good. Love ya Mich! Oh wow, love me some peanut butter. Heart heart. Perfect for my week ahead where I will pretty much be out of my little a-p-t from sun up to sun down. 


Because the majority of the day was quite rainy, not much else to report.

Well actually, walked around for a few hours, did a little shopping and some Globes watching at Kels'. HOW HOT IS KATE HUDSON? She slays. Forever fave. 

Coming at ya hard Monday. So psyched for trip no. 1 of this year in Austin. Can it just be Friday? 

THIS WEEKEND | Was So Non-Committal

Fact: I usually have an over-ambitiously-packed weekend planned out by Tuesday of the week prior. It just happens that way. 


This weekend I wanted to be non-committal; fly by the seat of my pants. 

That said? Friday, I had a Glamsquad manicure in the comfort of my own, luxurious apartment (obviously the luxurious statement is a joke - quaint would be more fitting), all while watching The Holiday. Yes, it is definitely that time of year again.

Highlight of my wild night? I got cereal milk + pumpkin pie cake truffles from Momofuku MILK Bar. Because, Friday? 

Saturday morning: I got up early (as always) to troll around town for a bit with a large cup of coffee in hand from Fresco. Made my way up to the Union Square Farmers market (a weekend fave activity of mine) + also did a quick peruse through the Holiday Market (!) because it's officially open for the season. 

...Decided I really needed a lower back massage - so that also happened - all before 11am. 

Justin and I got brunch at Veselka; a New York institution known for its perogies. Like seriously good perogies, and to be honest, I am not a perogie-person. For the record: kind of obsessed with the place now (and obviously Justin). 



My afternoon? Errands and getting totally owned in SLT. Holy smokes. The burn is so good - still feeling it. 

Spent the rest of the night with wine, Miami friends and late night chats with Tor. Literally - nothing new here. 

Sunday? Well, my morning, the phrase, 'nothing new here', is applicable because you can definitely guess how I started the day: back to back Soul sessions with Akin. My arms feel like paper shreds right now. Butt on fire. Seriously. Thank goodness for Happy Bones almond milk cappuccinos to give some post-sweat-fuel so I could slowly walk home.

Oh yes, and thank goodness for long, hot showers. It's that time of the year too. #holla

Branding points.&nbsp;

Branding points. 

Rest of the day? Spent with gals on the Upper East Side making cauliflower pizza crust, which was uhh-mazing, eating cheese because everyone needs a side of cheese with their pizza and story telling. The pizza takes quite some effort to make but it was definitely worth the end-eeeeeats-game.

All of the eventing above was amazing. My weekend without many solid plans? turned out to be quite a solid weekend. 

And tomorrow? I GO HOME. Heart is beating big right now. Ciao! 


Straight out of the cannon, touch down from Miami Friday evening to sit in traffic trying to return home to my city before Kara G arrived shortly after. Let's face it? Why would I have expected to have a more relaxed arrival? 

The good news: seemingly I saw every single person that I am close with (quite literally) this weekend. It's kind of incredible. 

Anyways, KG arrived and all fell into place Friday night with a gathering in our foyer (aka our "living room") that house lots of bodies over wine and such. We then traipsed to The Grey Lady where Kara, Justin, Dylan and I took over the back room dancing (with similar moves to apes) until we shut the place down. 

It was fun. And then we dined at the diner. [...insert grease + milkshakes sans gilt]

Saturday morning consisted of the best brunch (no, really guys) that I have had in a very long time at Freeman's. Ambiance (+) and the biscuit egg'n'cheese sandwich paired with bottomless coffee? Means for a morning success - especially when it's with one of your fave partners in crime from college. 

And then we walked. And walked... miles. Heads up: if you ever visit me, you will be going places and getting your nails done because that's something I am anal about. #nochippednails

We then headed to meet JAKE at Gaby for a posh power lunch (where we didn't really eat, tbh)... But you guys (!) I finally saw Jake again. Ashley and I met him in Hilton Head, South Carolina when we were high school. We have a whole deck of memories growing up galavanting together for a few weeks out of each summer. 

He's doing great. And hasn't changed a bit. 

Kara and I headed downtown to change and meet Tor for some wine and light apps at the crowd-pleaser, Risotteria Melotti, right around the corner from us. You can't beat $4 wine from Verona. Ya just can't. 

You also can't beat a housewarming party on the Upper East Side at your friend's super chic, quirky studio apartment. Mel's party was all sorts of sweet: baked goods galore + best friends. My kind of night. She makes a pretty great host (thanks Mel!) and has a pretty enviable piece of real estate.  

^ Like, how pretty? The Jeff Koons balloon dog on the table? I die. 

Sundays around these parts are far from lazy: insert 8:30am Soul followed by Sadelle's for a quick bagel... before one final brunching experience at Bubby's with KG and Ev. There must be something wrong with us. #skinnysisters

The rest of Sunday was spent having drinks with Billy (and Tor) who was in from Austin, followed by dinner with Kels, Cat, Tor and Zach.

I'm not sure I have ever seen so many of my friends all in one weekend (I know - pretty awesome) #heartsofull

All of the layers in this pic. But if this doesn't depict fall beauty in this city, not sure what does.&nbsp;

All of the layers in this pic. But if this doesn't depict fall beauty in this city, not sure what does. 

Time for a new week back at it: focusing on fitness + well being (even making time for a facial at Exhale Spa night + some SLT sweat...) for the coming days.

Aka: ME TIME. x


Beginning to feel like a broken record over here, but seriously, not sure we could have had better weather the past couple of days; the kind you want to bottle up and have around for all of the days to come.

So anyways, Friday night started just perfectly: I did a 90 minute challenge with Akin and a bunch of members of Akin's Army, a group of total badasses, at the Soul Cycle just outside of Union Sq. Let me tell you - it was not easy. By the end my legs were totally cramped but I walked out of there feeling the strongest I have felt since May. Seriously.

Left that space totally sweat-soaked, with a full heart + glass of champagne in hand provided by the studio (...I mean - you'd hope after spending $72!!) - needless to say, this chick was on a total high.

Always moved by the way Akin coaches his riders to push past what they think is possible. 

After taking a quick shower, I met Cat and her bf for a few drinks at Summit Bar before calling it a-quits for the night. Great convo ensued, as well as many laughs about, well, a lot. 

Saturday morning, did another quick ride at Peloton with Robin Arzon who's a total ninja. She had my legs feeling totally fatigued by the end of the metrics ride. After class, my jello-legs led me through the farmer's market in Union Square, iced coffee in hand, with I don't know, about a million other people who also found the killer temp. the perfect opportunity to pick up fresh produce and be outdoors.

After putting myself together (shockingly!), I met Jade for a seriously good brunch session at Atrium in DUMBO, Brooklyn. For the record - the interior was totally instagenic and the biscuits were on point... and so was my spinach florentine. Oh, and the company + convo. Obviously.

How right was I about this interior? SLAYING with the living green wall. Obsessed.

How right was I about this interior? SLAYING with the living green wall. Obsessed.

^ These streets though? Je luv.&nbsp;

^ These streets though? Je luv. 

We then headed to the water, where we cracked a bottle of rose, and hung for a bit before going to see the Photoville exhibit with a few other friends.  


Shipping containers make modular negative space the perfect place to showcase 2015's  art exhibition at Pier 5 sprawling throughout Brooklyn Bridge Park this past weekend. 

Don't comprehend? The gallery is created with 65 shipping containers sprawled to create a mini-village of art curated to appease us New Yorkers. Truly. And, as you can probably assume, artists from all over the world showcased pieces humanity by capturing moments in the most articulate, confusing and dynamic manner. 

Little did co-founders, Sam Barzilay, Laura Roumanos and Dave Shelley, know that they were onto something really good four years ago when they started out with a much smaller showcase curated for a world "where information and images are being thrown at us at every second in every day and we are seeing more online than in the flesh"... 



le duh - luv her. But anyways, as you can see, quality day with quality people.. 

Later on that night, I met up with a few other friends for dinner and drinks at Great Jones Cafe. Let's just say after two additional margaritas, I had reached my limit and was ready for bed. Only so much energy in this check. 

Sunday's are for lovers... and Soul. So, I met up with Justin and Dylan for Akin's Soul Survivor class. AKA I spent my morning with lovers. After another killer class (legit burned through all hamstring muscle), we headed to Hundred Acres for a (much) deserved brunch. 

^ Like this bowl of health is my forever mood + want + need.&nbsp;

^ Like this bowl of health is my forever mood + want + need. 

UGH I love those boys. Anyways, I had a breakfast grain salad with sauteed kale and an egg on top. Protein, holla! We then headed back East and passed through the San Gennaro Feast in Little Italy, where rest assured, we each picked up a cannoli. 

Finally, we rented Citi Bikes (um, guys - obsessed) to ride uptown to meet Jade in Central Park. Okay, seriously though - the biking addiction keeps getting more real. I am so psyched to start riding more throughout the city come fall. Spent a few hours in the park before heading back downtown to meet my long lost roomie, V, for dinner at San Marzano.

Weekends are never long enough, but I am pretty sure, this one was fully indulgent on the 48 hours of freedom. Yeah? Yes. 

... to a new week (!) xx


Yes, This weekend was a little bit of everything. 

Friday for lunch, I met Claire down at The Butcher's Daughter for a seriously good salad + much overdue catch up. I got the spicy kale (so basic) Caesar with tempeh. Definitely has me wanting to go back for more. This place is consistently good... So good, that I fell into a deep sleep Friday afternoon. 

I have this issue where I DO IT ALL - always - all week long. My nights blur. This is not a complaint, but... 

You know when you hit the ground running? That was me this past week in a big way - and yes, it caught up with me. That evening, I spontaneously met Mel at one of my (many) fave spots. Vic's. For my 'main' I got a side of the eggplant & peppers - omgosh... so spicy - and a side of the sauteed spinach. And obviously, some red wine for my health. 

The next morning I did an early spin at Peloton before meeting Jade, Chris and her mama at The East Pole for brunch. The interior of the place was so simple, yet stylistically chic. The three ladies each got the egg white fritatta with zuchs and asparagus. My.kinda.meal in some of my most favorite company ;) 

The rest of my weekend was spent with the Toplitzsky fam in Bridgehampton at seriously one of the most beautiful homes I have ever stayed. I hung back at the place with a sleeping babe while the rest of the crew spent the night at an anniversary party at the family's newer home that they had yet to fully inhabit.

Like... breathtaking.&nbsp;

Like... breathtaking. 

So anyways, I had a much needed night alone relaxing and wandering the grounds. Really, I felt like I was in a dream watching the most insane sunset sink beyond the rolling green lawn.

Sunday didn't consist of much aside from a big breakfast in Bridge, a train ride home, a much needed Soul and grocery shopping (very proud of myself) for the upcoming week. 

Hope your weekend was just as wonderful. I don't know how mine keep staying consistently great... but they do and they are and I am thankful. xx 

TASTE | Dirt Candy Corruption

FIN - (a) - LEE...

I made my way to the coveted spot on the Lower East Side: Dirt Candy. Yes, you can all breathe a sigh of relief. Why? Not only did I finally make it, but the wait was worth the anticipation. 

My friend Sarah and I went after work earlier this week and were such happy campers throughout the entire experience. Let's just say - there is a reason this place books up so quickly and I now understand why. 



  • You must try the Jalapeño Hush Puppies - the maple butter is a game changer. 
  • The Fried Broccoli is far better than I was expecting - right amount of crunch without feeling very guilty about your indulgence.
  • ALAS - the Brussel Sprout Tacos were on point. Fully fresh, not even an ounce of guilt as the 'shell' was actually a fresh piece of green. 
  • & FOR your sanity - make sure you arrive the moment the place opens. It's not the easies to get in even 30 minutes after the doors open. 


Note: Entire menu is vegetarian based. A blessing + curse for me.&nbsp;

Note: Entire menu is vegetarian based. A blessing + curse for me. 

I am telling you this place: G A M E changer. 


^ click click for if you're looking to visually eat. 

Okay so the view? Typically I don't like being sat at the bar, but this was a game changer. We got to face the open-air kitchen and watch the lead chef man multiple dishes - not quite sure how he did all he did, but whatever he did, he did it great. WHAT A VIEW (!)

Okay so the view? Typically I don't like being sat at the bar, but this was a game changer. We got to face the open-air kitchen and watch the lead chef man multiple dishes - not quite sure how he did all he did, but whatever he did, he did it great. WHAT A VIEW (!)

Be still. My heart. Lettuce wrap brussel sprout tacos - I will be damned if any other city perfects food to the extent this place does. How can I possibly move elsewhere when this place takes your taste buds&nbsp;to new kinds of places.&nbsp;  ALL INGREDIENTS TASTED SO FRESH - LIKE FRESHLY PICKED FRESH. THAT'S MAJOR.&nbsp;

Be still. My heart. Lettuce wrap brussel sprout tacos - I will be damned if any other city perfects food to the extent this place does. How can I possibly move elsewhere when this place takes your taste buds to new kinds of places. 




I WILL BE GOING BACK. & you are welcome to come with me if you're looking for a serious culinary catch. X

There it is. Wellness delivered - all of the freshness.

There it is. Wellness delivered - all of the freshness.

Taste | Locanda Vini e Olii Brooklyn

UGH. With the Brooklyn AirbNb half marathon just days away, I know there is going to be one thought coming to mind right after crossing that finish line. Ready? Where the heck do I get to eat for completing this thing? Obviously. 

This brings me to Locanda Vini e Olii; Tuscan-inspired cuisine reminiscent of what you’d find in Florence. HEY NOW. If there is one thing I can’t get enough of (okay, one of many things) I will tell you that rich olive oil ranks high on my list. This place speaks to keeping the authenticity of their dishes by pumping out plates drizzled in some serious fresh realness. 

So what’s on my plate? { full menu here }

Totes would need to start with the fennel salad, served with orange slices and pine nuts. This would be followed by papa al pomodoro - the most delicious of soups I grew a strong love for while abroad. Thick and And for my main? Black pepper pici (essentially cacio e pepe) with roasted onions, fresh tarragon and cheese. 

Note: restaurant is in a restored Drug Store. These sorts of spaces always have the most character. 

Extra note: you can also purchase a taste of olive oil straight from Chef Michele’s home in Florence. Heart is palpitating again… 

It just looks so authentic. Like, right? 

So… while I sadly will not be dining here on Saturday after my race, due to the simple fact that they only serve Sunday brunch, I think I will find time to make a trip to Clinton Hill in the very near future for some authentic eats that will bring me one step closer to the country I so dearly luv. 

Who’s comin’ with? 

All images from Google search. 

Taste Tuesday | Tijuana Picnic

After some serious scrolling on The New Potato (a seriously addicting site), I came across Jean-Marc Houmad’s newest restaurant… Tijuana Picnic, located quite close to me, in the Lower East Side. 

Think one of the main attractions to his hotspots are the fact that he has a keen sense of the small details that make or break a space when you’re eating too much and drinking  too much and for just once, not trying to ‘grab’n go’; the interior vibes. 

With Tijuana (as told to TNP) he wanted the feel to be reminscient of a place that could have existed in Mexico in the ‘70s… i.e. lots of color, lots of wood paneling. He is very involved with the creative process of the space, which to me, is so much more cool. 

Aside from the mere fact that this place seriously looks like a spot you want to have multiple margs - the food sounds equally as delicious. 

Menu picks: Guacamole, obviously. If you didn’t guess that - then officialy offended. Then some vegetarian ceviche with beans and avocado (yum!), vegetarian tacos with shrooms and goat cheese (common!) and sautéed corn with jalapeños. Would even consider a churro… judge away. 

Jean-Marc seems to really keep it real. Hoping to have a run-in with the man sometime (one time) when frequenting one of his NY establishments. 

Like sign me up, now… who’s in? 

All images from Google search. 

This Weekend | WARRIOR Status

It’s kind of crazy how much passion can burn inside of you and push you to greater heights than you though imaginable. So… it’s Monday and I am feeling that Soul-buzz post Akin this a.m. but a quick Monday mantra before I dive into the weekend; you’re the only one who can change you. “Open your heart to the possibilities and see the changes you want to happen to hold. It may take days, weeks, months - but continue to believe.”

K SO - that’s that. Moving on. 

Friday was the first day of spring and in proper New York fashion, it snowed. Yep. So that was sweet of Mother Nature. Whatever, at this point, it’s almost April so it’s gotta be almost over. 


^ See. Snow. Thankfully, it gets real sweaty up in there when you’re tappin’ it back to Akin. “Guilty” of a double… but kind of made for an awesome Friday. 


^ So this happened. Yes, The Polo Bar is indeed one of the hardest places to get a res in the city. Like, celebrities notoriously get rejected from getting seated during prime-time hours. But clearly, Claire was able to weasel our way in for a 9:30pm slot on a Friday. #magic 


^ All of the beets and ricotta please. GOSH. Nothing makes me more happy then beautifully presented food that actually tastes as good as it looks. 


^ Lovely night hearing about her trip to Israel. Dying over camel pictures and her camping experience. Anyways… The interior of this place? I could have moved in. Ralph’s ‘lifestyle’ brand is something magical - really does transport you to a different place. Oh and Rita Ora sat next to us. So, that’s that. 

Moving on | 


^ What would a Saturday morning be without a proper breakfast? This Museli Toast has to be one of the better toasts I’ve ever had. With yogurt on top? So different. And of course, the matcha latte to match-a. Chalait is indeed worth the buzz - and the ambiance is also on par to make you want to push the pause button. 


^ Saturday afternoon consisted of a major re-vamp to this sister’s wardrobe. I got some pretty great staples to last me the season. People always say ‘you must shop alllllll of the time living in NY…’. Wrong. It’s actually such a challenge to even find the time (or money!) to do such a thing. 


^ And then Arianna Grande happened. 


^ No shame whatsoever admitting she totally nailed the show. It was a blast and spent with the lovely Micaela and my awesome boss Zo in the suite. Her music is just… so great. Cue: work out playlist. 


^ This lentil salad with goat cheese from Fresco. Best post soul/sprint fuel a gal could ask for. So filling (always need filling!) and fresh. 


^ Seriously, not sure what’s come over me you guys. But I can tell you one thing; I can’t get enough of Akin’s #29in29 day challenge. It’s truly pushed me out of my comfort zone in more than one way; one being that it forces you to post these ‘athletic’ shots to instagram… something that truly makes me feel like a little bit of a freak show. But then again, it’s actually fun to partake in the challenges. 

Hope you had a weekend filled with warmth in some way/shape/form. xx ;)

Taste | Cosme

Mexican and I are having a moment. Elevated Mexican? Done deal. 

That said, it’s no wonder Cosme NYC is ranked high on my list of places that I am currently dying to try… and apparently so are a lot of other trolls in the city.


^ Things I like: simplicity of this interior (by the bar). I love how crisp this all is… like people, this is far from the traditional sombrero scene that typically coincides with this cuisine. If you’re not aware, we love the a-typical here in NY.


^ The dishes literally look mouth.watering. Although a good portion of the menu is full of fish and other meats, the artistic spin is well-worth the more limited menu for a veg.head like moi… a place I would strive to eat all of the sides and be totally #satisfied. 


^ And then there is this; lots of damn goodness spilling all over the plate. This husk meringue with corn mouse? Not even sure I can comprehend what something of the sorts would taste like. 

Again, I realize there is a constant trend in my life: permanently dreaming of new places that I ‘need’ to try. But then again, who doesn’t love Mexican with a twist? 

That’s the problem; everyone does… making this spots one of the hardest to get a seat. Typical New Yorkers - taking everything to the next level. 

I will let you know/you’ll be sure to see if I get a seat here soon. OLE. 

All images found via Google image search. 

This Weekend | #threedaysholla

I really think my life would be so different if every week we had this ‘extra’ day off. But seriously, how amazing is it having just one extra day? I mean, spending a Monday morning reading The New York Times at a coffee shop? #heaven

While there was much hoopla about Valentine’s Day and all that it entails, this single lady sure had a lot of luvin’ and could not have felt more l.u.v.d. And if you’re like me at all, it’s just another excuse to self indulge ;)


^ When your fave asks you last minute to attend dinner at Tenth Avenue Cookshop, a place you’ve been dying to try, you of course cannot say no. While I did intend on staying in, couldn’t pass up the opportunity (TY Jade!) or the company. Word to the wise; the brussels sprout pizza wins… and so does the dirty. 


^ Which leads me to the following morning (vday!); after a morning at Barry’s Bootcamp, fueling needs to be done properly. At Dudleys. Lucky for me, Meag, of The Fit Crasher, found time to squeeze in brunch with her single lady friend.  

How do you show yourself luv? One way. Brunch is the obvious answer here. 


^ I can’t help myself -  that cappuccino with cinnamon is what dreams are made of. I have a coffee addiction. It’s true. But this one comes close to being the best cap I have encountered in the city. No questions asked. 


^ The bar seating proved to pan out perfectly. Our waiter was beyond the nicest human ever. He even gave us two kisses (Hershey’s, of course! xx). Plus, what’s better than sitting at an elongated marble slab with good company and trendy peeps every.which.way you turn your head? 


^ To be honest, not all avo'toast is created equally. This one gives all others I have encountered a serious run for their money. The pesto sauce below the fried egg and avocado? Done. And the side of brussels sprouts? DONE. 

It’s getting to be a tiny bit scary the relationship I have with that veg.


^ These guys are the best thing I have made to date in cookie form. Adapted The New Potato recipe (just can’t help myself…) and added in coconut, walnuts and raisins. No butter. Coconut oil + honey. Sweetened the day just another notch. Very similar to Karlie’s Kookies from Milk Bar. Highly recommend you try; they’re a serious crowd pleaser. 


^ What better Valentine could one want? This city is too magical for words. My heart. My love. A real life snow globe. Always finding a deeper love for you, New York. 


^ Sunday panned out to be extra cozy under hella covers. I mean, I didn’t leave my apartment aside from a Soul session with my fave and a run at the gym… due to the mere fact that it was below ZERO. What did I accomplish? Watched The Theory of Everything - def bound to be wining an award this season. Very good/sad. 


^ And not leaving resulted in some over night oats for breakfast (with choc. chips because it still is the weekend and still able to indulge!) and some matcha chia goodness for dinner. Fully satisfying for a girl with an insatiable appetite. 

^ This is sort of what I imagine my own coffee shop to look like one day. El Rey was the coziest this morning. Their spirulina date bar is to die for. Fun fact: spirulina is a complete protein.  Even found time to read The New York Times Arts section cover to cover… which doesn’t happen nearly enough. 

The rest of today entails Primrose Cafe in Brooklyn with Linds for a lunch date before seeing her architecture installation at Pratt, 50 Shades of Grey with Jade (mwuahaha) and spin tonight at Peloton. Who said you really need a full day off? Enjoy yours! 

Taste | Cafe Clover

Oh em gee. I am beyond excited to try this restaurant come Friday. 

As many of you know, I love and live by wellness site, Well + Good(especially Lisa’s suggestions!), and am very fond of the content they produce. That said, the other day after Lisa and I finished a bootcamp spin class at Drill Fitness, she was giving me a few suggestions of new places to try. And after a few places named, couldn’t help but get fixated on Cafe Clover

She had me at quinoa tagliatelle.


David Rabin, formerly known for being a king of New York’s nightlife (including The Jimmy at The James - one of my fave rooftops, of course), recently opened a very light, airy space in the West Village serving up dishes focused on unexpected lighter fare. Sound familiar in this city?

“You’re going to love what you’re eating here, but you’re not going to ruin your last two workouts,” says Rabin in an interview with WWD. So of course, we love this even more! 

From the images I have seen, the space seems casual yet elegant. Neighborhood vibes of the West Village but sophisticated. So… the perfect mix? 


Trust me, there will definitely be some pics taken of the meal (obvi!), as well as full disclosure on whether or not I have hyped this place up to be too great… let’s just hope that’s not the case, my fellow chompers. 

All images from Cafe Clover’s Facebook

Taste | Darrow's Farm Fresh Takeout


Healthy hot spots are popping up in this city faster than you can fully digest (LOL). Each week there is a new juice place to try, a different seed that’s added to a breakfast bowl, etc. Mentally you totally justify spending an extra $4 for the sprinkle of seeds and travel costs associated to get that destination spot; remember you’ve gotta get that bonus health benefit (!!)

Well, here we go again: Darrow’s Farm Fresh Takeout may take the cake of spots I am dying to try. Us New Yorkers love variety, and from the menu that I have creepish-ly read a few too many times, that’s what you’ll find at this spot. 


^ iPad ordering… okay.

Surely you will not find it shocking to know that this place also is striving to source as much local produce as possible (love this!) and channels cozy vibes with a warm-wooden interior. 

Need to try? Salivating over the quinoa, amaranth and black bean burger… and the idea of a ‘detox plate’. 

I’m seeing this as a new spot I will be frequenting quite often after Josh Holland’s POWERED classes at The Movement… It’s okay because it’s healthy, right? Contantly. Justifying. Food. Consumption. It’s a lifestyle.

Images from Darrow’s site.