Can aging actually be great? 

Despite what we are taught to think about aging (thank you, society) , we tend to lose site of all of the things, or details have you, that make up those 365 days that filled the previous year of life; those days full of packed social calendars, crazy sweat schedules, travel tales + travails (to places near and far) and obviously all of the time spent with so many of those who make the heart beat just a little bit faster. 

Every year I feel more excited to tackle the next, because of the greatness of the last.

A birthday means you have a whole new year of days to fill with time you'll never get back. Holy sh*t that's exciting.

Every year I feel more enticed to take on new opportunity; more excited to make new friendships and continue to foster the old; more grateful for all of the highlights, but maybe, more importantly, more keen on learning to have an appreciation for the low ones too.

These were gains in year 25, which leads me to this to paint a clear picture of an often over-looked outlook:

My friend wrote in her card to me, that she hopes 26 will bring along many wonderful times, but also some not-so-wonderful ones as well. Which really made me think: why would I want the latter of the two?

And then I remembered; the lows are the links to personal development (let's not forget what the beginning of 25 looked like before I started physical therapy and learned to walk again) that bring along a whole external force that causes the body to react in different ways. 

The point being, you're in charge of choosing the most impactful way to react to whatever circumstances dished at you; whether it is something that challenges your mental or your physical or your emotional state.

And then I thought; how great is it, to know the choice, the reaction - largely - is yours to take the reigns with? (thanks Madd ;)

So why don't we pay more attention to these sorts of things? 

In year 25, I realized I have appreciation for the highs and the lows

All of that said in a very long-winded fashion (per usual, that has not changed), I want to call attention to the simple fact that my 26th birth(week) has certainly been my best yet. 

My heart is so full (it actually hurts) thanks to all of you people that are the heroes of my every day - friends + family + the growing group of readers out there - who have gone beyond to make these past days so special. 

Time to do 26. X

PS - A few photos from my week below. Click through!