Life lately - it's been busy.

New York City happens to be just about the most overly-stimulating place known to man. And, I admittedly, happen to fall hard in the trap, if you will, of wanting to do it all. So, all of that on the reg., in addition to preparing for Equinox Pilates Training this December, many weekends spent traveling, an overly-ambitious work situation and well, just being my social-self, you could say my balance is (more than) a bit off kilter. 

But today, I watched the marathon. And for a good portion of it, I watched it alone. And during those moments of being alone (which is a rarity in my life), a few things became clear. I watched totally inspired, and moved by all of the strong ones who crossed that finish line. It was as if some serious sense of peace swept over me. 

Here are the thoughts that I thought. Some obvious. Some - not so much.

I really am a New Yorker. I have a full life here. I've established a life for myself here. The majority of the people I spent the past 72 hours with... happen to all be people I didn't know before planting myself here, on this little island I call home. 

A decision was made. While watching the marathon, I was moved in a big way; especially watching my coach, mentor and some friends crush the course. And I always am moved, but this year I decided I am going to try and run the New York City Marathon in 2018. And while it sounds far out, I want to properly train for this, and I really want to achieve this. While I know there are definite doubters, the believers outweigh it all for me. 

Step one? The first step in accomplishing this goal is going to take place this spring, when I face my fears and tackle the Brooklyn Half; a race that doesn't stand a chance in breaking me now. 

Last thing.

Saturday evening I was out late at a cocktail bar with an old friend of mine, and he asked me before I was leaving, "Are you really happy?", to which I looked at him totally perplexed. 

Then I turned to him and responded, "Yes, happier than I have been in a very long time." 

As I left and walked away, I felt no need for further explanation. My answer was concise, yet a simple truth. And while some days, or some weeks are better than others, the general consensus rings pretty clear. 

The people I spend my days with are serious rockstars; serious sources of inspiration. My weekends lately have been filled with travel; new places. My family has a group text that goes rouge 24/7 as we all keep tabs on one another. My fitness endeavors? They are continuing to grow and take root in new ways.

So, yes. I am happier than I have been in years.

And... I am also happy to be back in this space online; a place that I've missed. Can't wait to catch you up to speed on all of the things that have had me enamored lately. New York is a seriously magical place in the Fall.

SNOWDAY c/o Juno |


^ Going nowhere fast. 


^ E. 7th Street, always so lovely. 


^ But of course fresh blooms are necessary to survive. 


^ Cooper’s providing a few crafts to cozy the blizzard vibes. 


^ Home. Simply stunning. 

Juno hit the city with whimsy and wind. It wasn’t as terrible as predicted (or at least in my opinion!). My town used to get hit with much larger storms and really by this point; not phased by much. 

What did Juno do? Gave all of the laborers in this city a second to breathe. There is a certain stillness found in a storm. And truthfully, it’s something all of us New Yorker’s secretly crave. 

So, thank you Juno. Thank you for providing my eyes with white magic. 

Photog Crushin' on Gray Malin |








1. The art and practice of taking and processing photographs

OR: an artistic expression of which, really, there are no right or wrongs to. This I find to be true. However, I have developed an eye for things I find more aesthetically pleasing and compositionally cohesive over the years after spending hours fumbling through coffee table books full of imagery, days spent in museums, travel, etc. Basically: I know what I like when I see it. Decisive if you will. 

Some people can take a pictures that take you to another place. Transport you.

That said, Gray Malin does just that. His strong focus on capturing environments takes the viewer far away in hopes of getting lost in the photograph. His artistic images are quite simply: fun. They are full of life and color (well, most of them). They are complex yet calm. 

I have spent some time lately trying to think of the sorts of investments I would like to make. One I have found that always remains at the top of my list is photography. Like… pass on the TJ Maxx aisles now. I’d rather invest in something that gives me butterflies when I see it over a mantle. Well friends, he might just be someone I have to purchase one day in the near future. I’m thinking a new apartment warming gift to myself come August? What do you find as a worthy investment? Art knocks it dead in my book (but then again, so do a lot of things… soo.. yikes). 

// all images directly from Gray Malin’s website