Pro Tip: Search the hashtag #museumoficecream for lots of tastiness (and craziness) that's being posted.

Pro Tip: Search the hashtag #museumoficecream for lots of tastiness (and craziness) that's being posted.

Whether you like it, or love-to-hate it, social media is a tool that's become mainstream for companies to target (and well, really, captivate) a millennial audience.

Instagram for the pretty (and almost always) edited pic, that usually is not posted that instant; Snapchat for the spur-of-the moment op you don't mind "disappearing" after 24 hours.

Both effective in reaching an audience. 

So what happens when you attend the Museum of Ice Cream in New York's Meatpacking District? You experience the natural evolution of what our society is becoming; one that has amateur photographers itching to become present, and one where we look to have society acknowledge the activities we are partaking in "offline". 

Fast forward to the first Monday in August, many weeks after purchasing our tickets, and I found myself standing in line with two of my main chicks, Jade and Mel, as we anxiously awaited our call to entry at this food-focused extravaganza.


I've been in New York now going on five years and I still find these sorts of experiences worth every second of waiting; waiting to hit the jackpot of juxtapositions in which our society finds means to define #basic as a commonly used expression.

Notables took shape in the form of (edible) sugar balloons, a room pumping out scents of chocolate and the small pill (vitamin?) each person is given near the exit that sits on your tongue for a minute, before being presented with a cone. The vitamin turns the sour to sweet when the lemon hits your tastebuds. And the cone? It was full of that natural vanilla taste that will forever be my mouth's number one flavor. (second to peanut butter* of course)

On my walk home, with sugar vibes running through my veins, I found I was in the zone with both hands glued to my phone; sending images to my sister, my boss, my gaggle of sweat seekers (you get it - a lot of people) as fast as my fingers would let me. I sent a heck of a lot of freaking pics is the point I am getting at here. But why would I not? Without edits, the pics were visually sharable. And furthermore, the way the museum (if you can even call it that) presented each room, emulated modern pop art.

It was then that I actually laughed, or more so, snickered to myself:

How is it that I fall so easily for such swoon-worthy social moments?

Then I was reminded quite quickly:

I spend hours a day on Instagram. Sadly, that's far from an exaggeration. Much of my job is tracking down influencers, digesting trends and eating with my eyes (all of the ridiculously insta-worthy food) to keep of up with all of the content that is created for my viewing pleasure. (memes obviously included)

But on a personal level, I realized the reason I continue to post, and yes, get sucked into the social trap: 

Taking a picture and posting it shares what I am doing. Great. Who cares.

The reason I continue to share is because I get to look back; And I get to smile looking back at certain moments on my own feed, remembering that specific moment. It's that simple. 

I digress. 

So, while I will be the first to tell you social-savvy to get there before the pop up ends, you're likely going to be paying a pretty penny. Rumor has it (or as read on Eater) that tickets are selling for $100 + on Craigslist.

The proof is in the pudding (or scoop of artisan ice cream...) that our generation will in fact go wild over the idea of swimming through a pool of sprinkles. So basically, that's what it's all about in this city's curated cremery-land.

And after all, it is summer... thus you should participate in celebrating the sweet of the season.