I LOVE to travel. I do. But I also love to be in New York, considering this city's greatness.

As this weekend is the last I will be in the city for the upcoming three, few things sounded better than partaking in all of my favorite weekend activities with a few of my favorite people.

Also: How hot are my friends? Jeez. 

Also: How hot are my friends? Jeez. 

Friday evening started our GNO series. Our what? Girls' Night Out series. Go ahead and take a moment to laugh - but like, it was totally successful and my girls all enjoyed. With everyone's travel schedules this summer, sometimes you need to wrangle down a few of your best gals and plan for a night of dirty martinis, rose and rooftop views c/o Mr. Purple on Ludlow. And because once you have one of these successful kinds of nights (street meat included for Queen Vic), you realize that one is not enough and this is going to become, well, a regular thing. 

Saturday morning started a Akin's Army Bootcamp at Bandier. Descriptors include a very packed room and Jake Gyllenhaal just a few mats to my left; descriptors also include a very challenging class and a mat fully soaked in sweat after 90 minutes. 

This studio gets uncomfortably hot, but I will admit: It's got a pretty calming aesthetic. 

This studio gets uncomfortably hot, but I will admit: It's got a pretty calming aesthetic. 

My slight obsession with Australian bites was fulfilled over avo toast and a flat white at Bluestone Lane Collective in the West Village. 

And since I have already come clean with my addiction to Soul Challenges, I completed my afternoon with Akin's 90 minute ride. Spoiler alert (!) comes in when I tell you this: It was truly challenging. But when One Dance comes on... damn. I lose it on that  bike and the second-wind mentality takes over.

Side note: Made the most amazing avocado banana bread (yes, a unique combo) loaded with blueberries. Dairy-free and swapped out sugar for light agave. Needless to say, this will be making future appearances. 

As for my evening, it was spent with my main chick, Jade, breaking (corn)bread at Red Rooster in Harlem. Guys: How the heck has it been five years of me being here and not once making it to Harlem? Our meal was totally Southern Comfort and the interior celebrated diversity, curated in a manner that almost transports one to another era. I loved it, almost just as much as I loved catching up with Jade (her boyfriend, brother, etc). 

Sunday I slept in (until 8am!) and had a cup of coffee - paired with a peach and small slice of the banana bread - while laying with my laptop. I rarely start my mornings this slowly; I should do this more often. 

Met up with Vane for more coffee at our new 'in between workouts' spot called Gasoline Alley. This was followed by SLT, then a very hard Soul. Trying to keep the pace was a challenge to say the very least. Happy to be surrounded by a girl where I can share my affinity for sweat with so frequently... and further, be supported so impact-fully. 

Recently have grown to love a grey day, and the mood ensued because of it. SLT Soho views FTW.

Recently have grown to love a grey day, and the mood ensued because of it. SLT Soho views FTW.

Rewards for our work came later on when we met Alina at Fresco; rewards in the form of a hearty quinoa patty bowl with avocado and edamame. Oh yes, and in the form of gelato to celebrate Fresco's fourth birthday (and also our week of putting in the work).

This kind of weekend was so necessary for me. It helped me find some sanity again before another daunting work week commences.

So, pardon me while I hop offline for a few days as I dive back into my daily routine... More days (!) to make count. X


Let me preface this post with the mere simply do not have time for any sort of cold situation that is going to slow me down; especially when it cuts into my weekend jaunting. My biggest, er, struggle was forcing myself to do less this weekend. But you’ll soon see - I think I only made that goal - well, half-way, this time around. Probably why I am more sick today... 

Mane-maintenance: a true nonnegotiable. With the change in seasons, it was time to lighten the locks a bit. That being said, there is no other place I would trust more for my #springsprucing other than the hair whispers at the Oscar Blandi Salon on Madison Ave. 

Side note: kidnapped Kels for a quick piercing on our way uptown. Like when I say quick, the pit stop and piercing all happened in under 10 minutes. 



I had a serious case of the chills all day long (no fun zone) but this helped cure me some to get ready for Jade’s evening soiree. Chris threw a surprise party that truly had our girl, well, surprised. The party consisted of a wine tasting that involved multiple bottles of various reds - all from ze Americas - and each of us trying to figure out which bottle was which, etc. And of course, what party is complete without homemade guac, brie and gummies? 

Only fail for the night? There isn't a picture that has everyone's #approval to post of the group, but there’s no faking it: the people that were at the party are my people for life. Please review our exclusivity clause if you’d like to be included. Kidding; kind of. 

My Saturday morning started with a few shots of ginger and cayenne from Juice Press to ward off any further nonsense that could slow me down. Shortly after, made my way to Akin’s Army Bootcamp at Studio B. I’ve never loved the structure of a class as much as I love his one.hour.and.thirty.minute full body magic — and I have never been surrounded by more people who all aspire to build together; finding new ways to make our body react. 

I did try to nap during the afternoon. And I did, successfully, fail. 

My night? It was spent with Jade. And it was spent doing what we do best: consuming dirty martinis, at The Dirty French, and trying newly buzzed-about restaurants. This time we headed to the Lower East Side to try Wildair; a James Beard Award nominee for best new restaurant in New York. 

I want to repeat this exact meal, over, and over, and over again. 

I want to repeat this exact meal, over, and over, and over again. 

Being a girl who’s had her fair share of eating adventures in this city (too many?), I often leave enthusiastic about the ambiance and underwhelmed by the plates. Not the case at this spot. It’s wildly appealing for foodies who enjoy fresh cuisine that’s not trying overly hard. For starters - the bread - it was incredible. And not all olive oil is created equally, but the one served here? Unreal. The charred red beets blew my mind, as well as the little gem salad. And did you really complete a meal if you don’t try the dessert? Three words: chocolate peanut tart. Game over. 

Honestly, the night was perfect. We ended it in the West Village with drinks at The Happiest Hour and another spot that I don’t recall the name of…

My Sunday routine was varied this week as I wanted to give my body a bit of a break. I opted for a mid-morning sweat session with hot yoga at Y7 with Kels. Honestly, felt amazing afterwards. Sweating out any last bit of cold I had in me. 

Naturally, we rewarded ourselves with acai bowls, sweet potato hash and kale avocado salad afterwards. By now you’re probably scratching your head, wanting to figure out a way to tell me I have got to get someone to sew my mouth shut, etc.? I’d let you… but I would miss espresso far too much. 

Rounded out the weekend with upping my meal prep game for the week ahead + making a rice krispy treat birthday cake with tiers of frosted flakes and dark chocolate chunks for a friend of mine. 

It’s a classified process; learning to love living in this city the way I do.

Happy first day of Spring! Glad it's giving us such a #warmwelcome

Side note: My little brother, Johnny boy, was featured on ESPN's Top Ten plays of the day for his catch in centerfield for the Toledo Rockets. Proud sister. Way to make your dreams come true. Check the catch here



Friday 6pm could not have come any faster. Lots of strange vibes all week left me seriously longing for the weekend and a short bit of respite. And that's exactly what happened this weekend. A mental break + w h o l e lot of sweat. 

Translation: champagne + chaturanga on repeat. In the spirit of living a balanced life, eh? 

Friday evening, met one of my workout chicks, Alina, for dinner at Caravan of Dreams; a vegan restaurant in the East Village. It was unreal. And we ordered... three entrees + two desserts. And I want to go back already. We honestly sat at the place for three hours, as one does with a friend who provides soulful advice. The mushroom "burger" wrapped in a rice? Wow. And the Nutella crepes topped with coconut whip? Wow x2. People are naive when they think raw foods taste bland. Educate yourselves. 

Shortly after, I was snoozin' c/o a little thing called a food coma. 

Also: table cloth game? So strong. #sparkles 


Early on Saturday, I met up with Kels for Y7 Hot Yoga in Soho. The vinyasa flow is seriously vibing quite well with me these days. It's honestly like the Soul Cycle of the yoga world. That said, are you surprised I dig? 

Left soaked in sweat and feeling a little lighter before heading to The Movement Fitness for Yoga Charged; essentially yoga combined with some serious strength training and core work. The class was no joke. Walked out fatigued and challenged to find better balance. 

The day was gorgeous so I walked. I (window) shopped. I did as one does on a sun-filled day in January. 

And then I met up with an old friend for a few drinks, then met up with Mel for a quick #snack at Risotteria Melotti before heading to Claire's birthday fête (!) at PIORA in the West Village. 

How pretty are my friends? Jeez.

How pretty are my friends? Jeez.

The evening was filled with many (too many?) bottles of champagne, polaroids and the most epic of chocolate cakes I ever did taste. Decadent would be a good describer of this dark chocolate beauty that we consumed. And are you even shocked at all that little Claire would have a cocktail created for her royal self? Happiest of birthdays to you, Claire; a truly unique individual with a heart that's forever giving more. 

The night was lovely. The night ended late. 


And the morning came too quickly... 

But it was started strong with a double ride and that Akin buzz. My arms. They're burning. My heart? It was beating. It was a two hour stretch resonated perfectly. The music combo had me feeling, well, all of the feels

Shortly after, met up with Claire + Ben to rehash the previous evenings' shenanigans at Lafayette over so.much.coffee and soft scrambled eggs with truffle and leek and oh.my.gosh. We had a laugh, or two. 

The rest of my day looked like this:

Whole Foods

Meal prep

+ 30 minutes of a massage on my very sore self.


GUYS: life has been totally crushing it lately. Crushing it. It's been filled with so many positives. So many highs. The past few weeks I have made some really awesome new friends through sweat seeking. When you find something you love, and commit to it with a full heart, the possibilities multiple tenfold. 

Hope you crushed your last 48 hours. New week. New buzz to keep strong. xx


Weekend | Summer Sweating & Sunning




Hello! Of course it’s Wednesday already.

Weekends in the summer suck the funds right on out of you. I mean, truly, my spendings lately on ‘lifestyle’ leisurely choices are seemingly finding their way through flying higher than the Empire State Buidling. Note: this does not include clothing shopping. I’ve put that hobby on a temporary hold.

Anyways, this past Friday started our summer Fridays at work… Aka at 2pm and we found ourselves sprinting out the doors. Bliss. Had a late lunch at The Jeffery, which is so good, with Sarah. Have you ever had a Sigmunds pretzel? So good. Later in the evening, Alan and I had a couple of glasses of wine at Birreria in Eataly. Yes, yes I am being selfish and spending as much time with him as possible lately.
Saturday, Jade and I ran in the Run To Breath Cystic Fibrosis Run in Central Park. News: I loved it. I mean, it was a beautiful summer morning and I ran with one of my faves next to me… Supporting a good cause. Therefore, good vibes only. Continued the day in Williamsburg with Erin, which was so great (thankfully, because we had planned this day in April…) and so ‘summery’. We had croissants and coffee at the most instagenic cafe, went to Soul Cycle to tap it back with Parker (yes, I am obsessed), made a rose sangria and fresh watermelon, avocado and mozzarella salad to enjoy while we soaked up the sun on her roof. Sweat and more sweat later… showering had also never felt so refreshing.
Sunday I FINALLY got my hair cut. I feel so crispy and fresh… it had been an embarrassingly long time since my last truss trim and I am so happy to be back in the sleek saddle on the hair front. Brunch at Five Leaves in Williamsburg was delicious, followed by watching Germany taking the World Cup (Yay for you, Nana!) and finally, we made the most delicious Nachos ever created. I mean, Alan and I really do Mex well together. I will glad brag on this - it is one meal we have perfected over the years. Wish I had time to cook more often…

Happy days ahead. Rhode Island this Friday. Great dinners at new places planned for the rest of the week. Green juices and sweat in the meantime. Attack the week. NOW.