The Hills; They Really Are Alive in Austria

Time, or lack there of I should say, has not allowed me to write as frequently lately. What is it about New York City that each day just becomes all-consuming? The days; they go so fast. I know I am in charge of how I spend my time, so I best get better at delegating where it’s spent. 

I digress, yet again. 

Quickly, I can tell you this: My trip to Germany and Austria could not have come an a more critical point. I was truly at my breaking point (and for those of you who witnessed my moments of weakness, thanks for being there). I admittedly over-commit and get sucked into every minute of living in this city. The energy here is toxic; I like to think of it as a beautiful, chaos (i.e. catch-22). So while I am overly committed to giving my all to my job, my new fitness endeavors and most importantly -- making time for friends, I sometimes forget to actually breathe. 

Breathing should be the easiest task of them all; yet, it’s the one thing I forget to do most. 

So, I escaped it all for one week. 

That said, I wanted to share a few snaps from Austria because that was the redefining breath of fresh air for me (literally — and of course, figuratively). 

These are all photos taken with the manual setting on my camera. I realized I am definitely out of practice (another thing to add to my list of things to work on!), but I also was reminded how much I love shooting. It's just so different that snapping with the phone. iPhone pics will come in a later post; a post where I have time to recap the full three days with Nana showing me the lay of the (mystifying) land. 

But for now, photos from Kaprun and Salzburg; two places I pray to return one day.